Top 6 Online Jobs That Pay You $100,000 Yearly

Say goodbye to the typical 9-5 routine and consider the possibility of working from the comfort of your sweet home. The money you can make by working from home depends on your experience, skills, and job type. 

If you’re eyeing a job that feels good and pays well, we’re talking about over $100,000 yearly. Then, these work-from-home options could be just the ticket.

Now, let’s take a closer look at your many choices. It’s not just about the money; it’s also about finding a job path that fits your skills and where you want to go. 

So, let’s explore the world of working remotely and find 6 online jobs for a million-dollar home-based income.

Top 6 Jobs With Million Dollar Yearly Income

1. Java Developer

Java developers earn about $104,566 each year, making a good living. They’re like computer architects, using the Java language to build programs. 

Java Developer

Their work includes figuring out what users want, making tools to test things, and making sure the program fits the company’s plans. 

Moving smoothly between these tasks, Java Developers play a big part in creating software systems that work well. So, they’re the key players, ensuring everything runs smoothly and meets users’ needs.

2. Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developers earn an average salary of $112,885 yearly nationwide. They’re like website wizards, working on both the front and back ends. 

Full Stack Developer

Creating how users interact with a webpage, they write and test functional code on both sides of the website, fixing any coding bugs that pop up. 

The cool part? You can easily do all this from the comfort of your home online. It’s a job that lets you be a digital architect from wherever you are.

3. Mobile App Developer

Mobile app developers pocket an average yearly salary of $124,918 nationwide. They’re the masterminds behind crafting smartphone applications. 

Mobile App Developer

By writing clean and functional code, they pinpoint and troubleshoot application glitches to boost performance. You can easily handle all these tasks from the comfort of your home online. 

This job not only lets you shape the digital world but also allows you to make a positive impact by creating apps that truly matter.

4. Medical Writing

Medical writers make about $111,552 every year on average across the country. They’re like language wizards in the medical world, crafting and refining clinical trials and medical documents. 

Medical Writing

These papers don’t just end up with regulatory agencies; they also find their way into publications and medical journals. Even more intriguing, medical writers may actively contribute to crafting studies for FDA submission. 

Taking care of all these tasks online allows you to work at your convenience. It’s a job that lets you weave language skills and medical expertise effortlessly.

5. UX Designer

UX Designers pull in around $101,842 every year on average nationwide. They’re the brains behind making simple and helpful products for all kinds of users. 

UX Designer

Through user research and testing, they sketch out and model ideas to contribute to product development. Moreover, you can conveniently manage all these tasks online from your home.

This job lets you create digital experiences that are not only functional but also super easy for users to get the hang of.

6. Photographer

Freelance photographers have a cool job with a potential yearly income ranging from $100,000 – 240,000. You can work from home or online, taking pictures of events, things, places, and people. 


Making great images that tell interesting stories is key. Clients really like it if you’re good at Photoshop too. 

The job outlook is good and expected to grow by 9% by 2031. And when you do photo projects, you can get paid between $40 and $100 per hour. It’s a job that’s not only fun but also pays well!

Remote Work Advantages

Whether you’re a boss or work in any field, doing your job from home has many perks. Once you know these good things, you can decide if working from home suits you. Check out these benefits:

Better balance 

Working from home usually means you can pick when you work. This helps you balance your job and personal life, making you happier with your work.

No more commute 

You don’t have to drive to work every day when you work from home. That means no traffic stress, gas savings, and more time.

Fewer distractions 

If you have a home office, working from home helps you focus better. There are fewer interruptions compared to a regular office with noise and coworkers chatting around you.