Ryan Haywood Dissapearance: Where Is He Now In 2024?

Ryan Haywood got into trouble on Twitch because some young girls accused him of doing bad things. These accusations have really hurt his job and it seems like he might not be able to bounce back from it, even in 2024.

Ryan Haywood is a prominent American gaming journalist, voice actor, host, and content producer. He gained fame during his tenure at Rooster Teeth, a popular American video production company. 

Known for his work with Achievement Hunter, Haywood’s career took a turn with a controversial departure from the company. 

This article explores his biography, rise to stardom, departure from Rooster Teeth, and current whereabouts.

Quick Bio of Ryan Haywood

NameJames Ryan Haywood
Famous asIron Ryan and The Mad King
Date of BirthDecember 6, 1980
Place of BirthColumbus Georgia, USA
ParentsDavid Edwards and Debbie Hoover
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLaurie Higginbotham
ChildrenEli and Olivia
Net Worth$2 Million
Zodiac SignSagittarius

Who is Ryan Haywood?

Ryan Haywood was born as James Ryan Haywood on December 6, 1980, in Columbus, Georgia, United States. His parents are David Edwards and Debbie Hoover.

Who is Ryan Haywood

Ryan Haywood holds American nationality and white ethnicity. Before transitioning to content creation, Haywood started his career as a software engineer. 

In 2011, he garnered significant acclaim through his work on Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter.

Ryan Haywood is the youngest of three siblings. He grew up in Columbus, Georgia, and shared many experiences with his family. 

Ryan Haywood’s 2 Siblings

Ryan Haywood has two elder siblings: a brother named Ryan Edwards and a sister called Tanya Edwards.

His brother was a professional male model, while Ryan Haywood worked as a pool cleaner in his early career. 

Motivated by his siblings’ commitment and hard work, Ryan found inspiration as he forged his own path in life.

About Ryan’s Educational Journey

Ryan Haywood furthered his education at various institutions, such as Georgia Tech University and Georgia Southern University. 

His pursuit of degrees in Theatre and Computer Animation in Europe reflects his passion for both arts and technology.

Ryan Haywood Professional Career

Ryan Haywood began his career at an early age before joining Rooster Teeth.

Working as a professional male model for Twist Magazine during high school, he graced magazine covers and appeared in commercials. 

Professional Career

Ryan’s modeling career included a runway show in Italy, gaining recognition for his talents. 

Haywood’s journey in the gaming industry began in 2011 when he joined Rooster Teeth as the head video creator and editor for the company’s YouTube channel, GameSprout. 

Over time, he became a full-time member and played a significant role in Achievement Hunter. 

His hosting abilities were showcased in various shows, including Let’s Play Live: The Documentary, On the Spot, Theatre Mode, and Off-Topic.

How He Rose to Stardom?

As Ryan embraced his role at Achievement Hunter, he took on more responsibilities and became the primary host in April 2015. 

His contributions included hosting Off-Topic for 100 episodes and working on projects like Red vs Blue as a machinima animator and technical director. 

Haywood’s talent extended to voice acting, with roles in animated projects like RWBY.

Ryan Haywood Controversial Departure After Social Media Scandal

Ryan Haywood’s association with Rooster Teeth came to an abrupt end on October 6, 2020, following numerous sexual misconduct allegations. 

In mid-2020, women accused him of grooming, statutory rape, and sexual assault. Evidence, including screenshots and a spreadsheet, was shared, indicating inappropriate behavior towards underage individuals. 

Controversial Departure

The controversy tarnished Ryan’s reputation, portraying him as a manipulative predator misusing his power. 

Rooster Teeth delayed releasing “Red vs. Blue: Zero” until Haywood’s dialogues were redubbed.

Rooster Teeth officially parted ways with him on October 7, citing a breach of the company’s Code of Conduct. 

In response to the allegations, Haywood released a statement on Twitter, acknowledging mistakes, expressing regret, and announcing his departure from Rooster Teeth to focus on rebuilding his family and life.

The Impact of Scandal on Twitch

In the aftermath, Twitch permanently banned Ryan Haywood from its platform. 

The community’s push for action resulted in his exclusion from the platform, and attempts to return in early 2021 were unsuccessful.

Ryan Haywood’s Filmography

During his career, Ryan appeared in various films, video games, and TV shows. Some of these are:

Ryan Haywood's Filmography
Let’s Play Minecraft2015-20
3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures2013-20
Nomad of Nowhere2018
Heroes & Halfwits 2016-18
RWBY Chibi2016-18
Lifestyle Classic 2018
Red vs Blue2012-17
The Eleven Little Roosters 2017
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse2015
Rooster Teeth Shorts2014-15
Ten Little Roosters 2014

About Ryan Haywood’s Marital Life

In 2008, Ryan Haywood tied the knot with his childhood love and girlfriend, Laurie Higginbotham. 

Laurie is a veterinarian who works professionally in a pet hospital. She has studied at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Laurie is known for her love of travel and engages in photoshoots and songwriting during her leisure time. 

The couple shares a beautiful family with the birth of two children, Eli in 2011 and Olivia in 2013. 

Ryan, Laurie, and their kids have appeared on Ryan’s Twitch streams, showcasing their close-knit and loving family.

Although Ryan has yet to share extensive information about Laurie, their public moments offer glimpses into their happy and family-oriented life.

Ryan Haywood Height, Weight & Appearance

Ryan stands at a height of approximately 5′ 8″ and maintains an average weight of around 64 kg. 

With a fuzzy male appearance, he sports a rich golden-brown beard and is often seen wearing a cap. 

Ryan is known for his charming and good-looking features.

Ryan’s Social Media Presence

Owing to his thriving career as “one of the most influential gamers,” Ryan Haywood transformed into a prominent Internet personality. 

With approximately 375,000 followers on Twitter, Ryan actively used his account to connect with his audience, sharing updates on his professional endeavors, recent gameplay streams, and other content. 

However, after the allegations and criticism from various quarters, he took the drastic step of deleting his social media accounts, including his official Twitter profile. 

Subsequently, he withdrew entirely from the online sphere.

Ryan Haywood’s Net Worth in 2024

Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. 

His notable stint at Rooster Teeth and his hosting career contributed substantially to his financial success.

Where is Ryan Haywood Now?

After he departed from Rooster Teeth, Ryan Haywood committed to mending his relationship with his family through a Twitter post. 

Subsequently, he took a step back from social media, deleting his accounts. In recent updates, he resides in Austin, Texas, and is actively engaged in his life and family. 

Ryan has embarked on a new job endeavor and is completing his Computer Science degree. 

He is dedicated to personal improvement and mental well-being as he strives to rebuild his life.