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Who Is Michele Morrone’s Ex-Wife, Rouba Saadeh?

Who Is Michele Morrone’s Ex-Wife, Rouba Saadeh?

Rouba Saadeh

We all know the famous and talented actor Michele Morrone. This guy has stolen the show and hearts of everyone who has watched his mega-hit movie.

And can you blame anyone? He has the charm to do, and with his sharp features and deep voice, who wouldn’t melt down! But if you are wondering if this charming guy has ever had his heart taken, then yes, it was.

But who is Rouba Saadeh, and why are we discussing her? And what is her relationship with the famous actor?

Well, for starters, she is the ex-wife of Michele M., whom everyone prefers calling Massimo.

Shocked that he had a wife? Let me add more spice and sprinkles because that’s not just it. Michele Morrone also had two kids from his previous marriage, and we are going to discuss everything in detail.

But before we do, let’s get this thing straight, Rouba Saadeh may be the ex-wife of the famous actor, but she has her own identity and achievements for which she should be given recognition. 

So, in short, in a note, if anyone ever asks you about Rouba then just tell them that she is an independent and single mother of two beautiful kids and that she co-parents with Michele Morrone (preferably, just say Messiomo).

Apart from that, don’t forget to add details of her being an extremely successful fashion designer! 

Anyways, enough chit-chatting. It’s time we talk about this talented and beautiful woman. Certainly, there is a lot to know and a lot to amaze you, reader folks!

Early Life And Education 

Rouba was born on the 15th of April, 1987, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Based on this and the current timeline, she is 35 years old but looks quite younger and extremely energetic for her age.

The famous actor’s ex-wife has been quite intelligent throughout her childhood and has always aimed higher for herself and her big dreams, and today, the whole fashion world knows her name.

Since childhood, she focused on her studies and had a career-oriented vision of herself. She was a multilingual who spoke English, Arabic, and French fluently and she still does with maybe more languages!

If we talk about her education, then let us just say that she has ticked everything off the list from side courses to Bachelors, diplomas, and even Masters!

Rouba graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing from Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Baabda. Although there is no disclosure of her GPA, that doesn’t matter now since she is a whole different brand.

Rouba didn’t just stop after getting her bachelor’s degree. She strived, hustled, and graduated from Lebanese American University with a Master’s in Business Administration.

And did she stop after that? Well, no, she didn’t stop after her master’s degree and, in fact, took an interest in fashion. For that, she enrolled at Istituto Marangoni for a Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing.

Rouba also went to Central Saint Martins in London for her studies and the same place where she completed a summer course in fashion design.

It is safe to say that Rouba is undoubtedly a talented woman who surely has great exposure to most fields and even business sides!

No wonder she is able to handle a whole project runway (oops, spoiler alert!)

Family Members

Rouba has kept her life secretive; she only tells what she wants to tell, but she keeps everything to herself apart from that.

And just like that, there are almost no details of her family, apart from the names of one of her two siblings. Her brother’s name has not been disclosed yet, but her sister’s name is Abir Saadeh.

No details have been given about her parents, but we know that Rouba’s mother’s name is Manolia Mano Saadeh. Her father’s name and details are still a mystery, but we will update you as soon as we find something!

From her marriage to Michele, Rouba has given birth to two kids, both boys. Marcus and Brando Read. The two boys share a close bond with their parents and also together.

Just as I have mentioned, there are almost no details of Rouba’s family.  However, in her recent Instagram post, she looks stunning in a white dress and was surrounded by her extended family in a resort-like setting.

You can easily tell that she shares a very close bond with her family through her smiles and body language.

Age, Height, Weight, And Her Body Measurements

Rouba Saadeh, who came into the spotlight as Michele Morrone’s ex-wife, stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a weight that is estimated to be 50 to 55 kilograms.

Her pictures show that she has gorgeous dark brown eyes and long dark- brown hair.

As for her body, we can easily tell that it is very well maintained. Based on the available resources, her chest-waist-hip measurements are 34-27-38. 

Rouba may look like she is 35, but she looks way younger for her age. I don’t know what she is having, but I hope to get my hands on it and age just like her.

Her Professional Career

As by Fashionuer, Rouba started her career as a graphic designer in a well-known company in Beirut, Alfa, and just after a few months, she realized this was not her cup of tea.

She switched jobs and landed on as an assistant to design the head’s hand at Elie’s Saab, where she is currently working as a manager.

That’s not it. In 2013, Rouba launched her own designer-based store called Led Paradis Des Fous. She was a chief executive officer during this period before quitting in December 2014.

Her Net Worth 

Although there isn’t a correct figure for Rouba Saadeh’s net worth. However, there is a rough estimation that it is a little over $1 million but less than $4 million. 

We aren’t sure yet, but we hope the talented fashion designer will disclose this. 

Latest Controversies 

Rouba Saadeh wasn’t in the spotlight, but after her ex-husband started getting famous and also after his mega-hit movie on Netflix (365 days), fans started digging out information about the talented actor’s personal life. 

And that’s how we all landed on Rouba’s life. Although considered a private person, Rouba is seen quite active on her social accounts, where she posts pictures of her kids, family, and a few of her work at the runaway. 

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But this isn’t what made her famous. Rather, it was the rumors of the two former lovers getting back together. Whether it’s true or not, we aren’t sure yet. 

But the fact that the two have not removed each other’s pictures from their respective accounts raises many questions about the rumor.

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone’s Rocky Relationship

Rouba and Michele Morrone met through mutual friend circles, and the two started dating from just a small handshake until they tied the knot together in 2004.

They were married for 14 years and, interestingly, even had a small private wedding ceremony in 2014 for their close friends and relatives.

Although the couple never revealed information about the private ceremony, hearing from their friends and relatives was a subtle ceremony with two people madly in love.

Time passed, and the couple welcomed two healthy and beautiful boys, Brandon and Marcos. Through Rouba’s Instagram, you can find many pictures of Michele hugging and playing mermaid with his boys.

The family was just perfect until they hit rock bottom. In 2018, the two had a bad misunderstanding that they decided to dissolve their marriage and co-parent the kids. 

The divorce was so bad that even Michele had to express to the world the pain and the depression he suffered throughout the dark phase of his life.

On Instagram, Michele wrote.

A year and a half ago, I was about to leave everything, and I didn’t want to act anymore. I was in a severe state of depression after divorcing my wife. I found work as a gardener in a remote village of 1000 inhabitants because I had no more money in my pocket. But life is strange; when you’re down, destiny puts the right train in front of you, and if you’re strong, you can take it. Always believe in yourself….. ALWAYS. 

Current Relationship Status

There are no details on whether Rouba is dating anyone or not. Even her Instagram is completely off from giving any such hints. 

And through that, we assume that she is single (and divorced) and enjoying a complete carefree bachelorette life with two amazing kids with whom she showers her love.

She is happy with her life, and that is all that really matters but we will surely update you as soon as we find out.

Writer’s Perspective

Rouba has had a rocky relationship with her ex-husband, you can easily tell from her Instagram account that there was so much love between the two but sadly all great things do come to an end.

Even though most fans hope to see the two together soon, that is highly unlikely since the two are satisfied with their lives and also the decision

At last, we wish Rouba Saadeh to prosper in everything she does.

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