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Who Is Noah Shannon Green? Is He Really A Gay?

Who Is Noah Shannon Green? Is He Really A Gay?

Noah Shannon Green

When you are a public figure, you are under the spotlight of your fans. It may be a benefit or a risk.

But when you are a child of a celebrity, people-eyes are always on you. 

As all of you have heard, the name of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. This celebrity couple has a son, Noah Shannon Green, who is just 9.

This little celebrity kid is often in the news and controversies because of his style sense. As Noah loves to keep long hair and dress like a girl, so people think he is gay. But is he really gay?

Let’s get into the details about Noah Shannon Green and know everything about this celebrity kid.

Noah’s Celebrity Parents

Noah Shannon Green is the oldest son of the famous Hollywood Movie star Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. 

The majority of you have already heard about the megastar Megan Fox. She has constructed pretty headlines from the movies she has made throughout her career. Fox considers one of the top actresses in Hollywood.

She’s best known for her popular movies, such as Jennifer’s Body, first two Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

At the start of the 2000s, the superstar became the most popular actress. At that time, she was the most demanded actress in Hollywood.

Before proceeding further, it’s important to recall that the megastar once got married to the famous actor Brian Austin Green. 

In 2004, when they were cast together in the sitcom “Hope & Faith ” they started dating each other on the set. 

However, Brian Austin was hesitant at the beginning of the relationship due to their age gap. Because at that time, Megan was 18, and Green was 30. 

In an interview with E! Online, Fox said, 

I had to convince Green for our relationship that I was more responsible and well-spoken than him and surely was aware of bringing other things on the table besides being 18.

Long before the birth of Noah Shannon Green, the couple got engaged in November 2006. Unfortunately, in February 2009, due to some extreme clashes, they broke their engagement.

However, the couple realized they could not live without each other after one year and re-engaged on 1st June 2010. 

Early Stages Of His Life

Megan’s pregnancy occurred after two years of marriage. When Noah Shannon Green was born, after one month, the megastar posted on social media by saying that,

I feel very happy to release this news from myself before anyone else: Brian Austin Green and I have finally welcomed our first child together.


Our son “Noah Shannon Green” is healthy, perfect, and happy with his parents. This week was very lucky because we had a great time together. 

Mom Fox welcomed Noah on the 27th of September 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Noah calls an American citizen, the Zodiac of Mama’s boy, Libra. Noah follows Christianity. 

The full name of Fox’s elder son is Noah Shannon Green; his parents call him by his nickname, “Noah.”

He got the “Green” surname from Brian, his father. Noah is a Herban Origin name. His name means “rest or repose.” 

Green is currently studying in elementary school. According to fashionuer, Fox decided to keep Noah’s schooling private for security reasons. 

Megan revealed glimpses about Noah Shannon Green that my baby boy is talented; he loves to design and wear new costumes. 

In addition, Fox’s son likes to play soccer, loves to practice acting, and wants to become a Megastar one day. Mama’s boy admired his mom in this profession.  

Noah’s Family Members

Noah’s mother is thirteen years younger than his father, Brian. 

And Sadly, It’s hard to write that Noah’s parents are no longer together. At the very initial age, the child suffered from difficulties due to his parent’s separation. 

However, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are involved in other relationships. 

Noah has two younger brothers, Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green. Bodhi was born in 2014, while Journey was born in 2016. 

Furthermore, Green is one year older than Bodhi and four years older than Journey. 

After being a mother of three sons, Fox’s beauty is still the same and continues to captivate her fans, and the megastar is now 36 years old. 

Megan received accolades and many awards, including fourteen choice awards. 

Fox posted adorable pictures on social media with her three sons, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Noah Shannon Green is closer to his mother than his father.

Noah’s father is a producer, rapper, and famous American actor. He is currently 45 years old and was born in California, United States of America, on 15th July 1973.

Brian is more popular because of his character as “David Silver” in the “Beverly Hills, 90210” television series. 

Also, he played a lot of famous series like Wedding bands, Anger Management, Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Freddie, and more. 

In addition, Megan’s elder boy also has a stepbrother, Kassius.” His stepbrother is from his father’s first marriage with “Vanessa Marcil.” In contrast, Noah is the first son of Megan Fox from Brian. 

According to discoveries, Libra’s boy relationship with his stepbrother is not good. But he has a great bond with his other siblings.  

Megan revealed that my elder boy better understands his two younger brothers; however, they sometimes fight.

His grandparents are George Green, Joyce Green, Gloria Darlena Cisson, and Franklin Thomas Fox. The Libra’s boy is the Nephew of Lorelei Green, Keith Green, and Kristi Branium Fox.

An Innocent Soul

Noah Shannon Green is a confident child, but sometimes Green gets confused when kids call him a girl. Most people, including his class fellows, bullied him on his hair length and clothing choices, from which Green gets too much affected. 

But he tries to show himself as insensitive. According to Fox, these things have been going on since Noah was very young. 

In an interview with Glamour Magzine, Fox said, 

Green started wearing girls’ dresses when he was just two. To know what was going on, I bought a bundle of books. I wanted to sort out my son’s confusion.  For Green, I (Megan) read those books and saw that majority of transgender writers write some books for kids, and some were about how to look like a boy by wearing a dress and express yourself by dressing however you want to. And you don’t need to do anything with your sexuality. From then on, I added these things to Noah’s daily life so that nobody would perceive his weirdness.

Megan continued her interview by saying, 

Noah is such a talented boy; he has unbelievable painting skills. Green can acquire a knowledge of concerto in just one hour.

Through Hollywood life, Fox said,

I wish people could see those things, but I also don’t expect anything from the world to have access to this innocent soul and accept all the things we already know about him.

Fox Defending Her Son

Megan wants her sons to live freely and do whatever they want to, but she wants to protect them from bullying. 

In a recent interview with Glamour UK, The Transformer star spoke up about her eldest child, Noah Shannon Green, who is a boy but likes to wear girl’s outfits. 

She also said that,

I have three sons, Noah is nine, Bodhi is eight, and Journey is five years old, Whom I share with my ex-husband Brian, who attends a school where the other children’s parents are similar in their beliefs. The children aren’t as linked to the Internet as most little kids are; when they know their parents are popular, their knowledge gets very limited.

Furthermore, Fox said,

I wanted to try to shield my sons however I could, especially limiting their details to the Internet. So far, Brian and I have done a really good job, and we maintain our son’s innocence in many ways, but I know I can’t shield them forever, though I do have a child that suffers sometimes. So, I have a lot of distress about that because I just hope that humanity is not like this. Although Noah is so confident and patient, I know he chose this journey for a reason. But it’s just hard for a mom.

Fox stated in an interview with The Talk host Sharon Obscure that, 

When Noah was six, he was really into fashion and designed his dresses. He’s one of those children who dresses himself. However, He got admission to a very liberal and hippy school. But even a school of Noah’s has some little boys like, Boys don’t wear girl’s dresses, or Boys don’t wear pink color.

Libra’s man has a weird sense of dressing, but Fox’s son seems to enjoy wearing fashionable dresses.

Noah has a deep affection for designing his dresses. However, he is routinely criticized for his dresses, and people commented that Green’s dressing sense is like “Wesley Fowler,” the daughter of a famous actress. 

But the elder son of Megan fox never takes these controversies seriously; Noah is such a confident child. 

Fox also stated that,

Noah enjoys wearing stylish dresses and doesn’t care what people think; he wears whatever he wants.

Brian Defends Noah

Green has many times seen with her parents at events spotting wearing stylish dresses. He likes snow-white dresses, so he was caught wearing that. His father also once stated when Noah was four that,

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My son is only four, and I know that some people criticize him for his dressing sense, but I want to clarify one thing, I and Megan both are very supportive of our sons, and we both don’t care what people say or think; they do whatever they want.

His Professional Career

Yet, Mama’s boy has no career and is just a school-going boy. Currently, Noah is focusing on his studies. 

As Noah wanted to become an actor, he played a short comeos role in his parents’ movie.

The reports show that he is kind, social, and diplomatic. At the same time, he is a controlling, Indecisive, and superficial son.

Fox Elder Son Physical Appearance 

Megan’s older boy body appearance is not publicity. But still, we discovered from those pictures his parents posted on social media that Noah is cute, has Blonde hair color, and brown eye color. His hair is long, and Noah is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. 

Noah Relationship Status

Megan Fox’s eldest boy is only nine years old and is not involved in any relationship. However, currently, he is single.

Megan Son’s Net Worth

Noah is born with a silver spoon, so Mama’s boy enjoys a special childhood compared to an average child. Currently, Noah is a student and doesn’t contain any personal net worth. 

However, Brian, his father, contains a net worth of $10 Million from his profession as an actor and producer. 

Megan Fox, his mother, contains approximately a net worth of $8 Million. She earned this huge amount from her hard work as a model and actress. 

Similarly, Libra’s boy doesn’t need to take any financial stress because his parents already contain enough net worth. 

His Parent’s Marriage & Divorce

The married life of Libra’s boy parents depended on many ups and downs.

American actress and Brian got married on 24th June 2010 in Maui, Haweli, at four seasons resort with the presence of a few friends and family members.

According to the discoveries, Fox was 18 when she married Brian. 

In 2015, on 21st August, Noah’s mother filed for divorce due to extreme clashes with her husband, but again in 2016, Fox tried to give him one more chance and wanted to start from the beginning.

However, their relationship was like a rollercoaster ride, where Fox and Brian’s married life did not suffer long. Finally, in the end, both parted their ways and got divorced.

Recall that it was Brian’s second divorce. Fox and Brian got divorced on the 15th of October, 2021.  

Unfortunately, both tried their best to make their marriage successful, but it didn’t work.

But after the divorce, Noah’s parents are currently involved in another relationship. Fox is involved with “Machine Gun Kelly ”; the latest couple engaged in 2021.

Whereas Brian Austin Green is dating an Australian pro dancer “Sharna Burgess,” the one who received fame by participating in “Dancing with the stars.” 

However, after they divorced, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green decided to co-parent their sons. 

His Ninth Birthday

When Noah Shannon Green turned nine years old, Brian Austin Green posted a picture of Noah on Instagram by captioning that,

I can’t define how much I love you, my son(Noah), and it’s unbelievable that you are nine years old now.

Brian’s current girlfriend, Sharna Burgess, a professional dancer, also wished mama’s boy on his birthday and sent many best wishes.

Fox Raised Her Sons With Kindness

Megan is a famous actress and a great mother also. She seems satisfied because she raised her sons with kindness. 

As a good mother, Megan restricted some boundaries and rules for her sons to follow. 

Megan allows her sons to grow hair if they want, but at the same time, she doesn’t allow them to use any technology like Smartphones, Computers, or Television; she thinks the early use of technologies can destroy children’s mindset.

However, Fox pushes them to be creative, encourages them to enjoy outdoor adventures, focuses on healthy foods, and teaches her sons to be food conscious.

The Hollywood star also taught them to care for animals and be kind to others. 

Megan said in an interview that she does not want her sons to see her mother in sexualized characters or with other men. The future of her sons is more than a career for her.

Furthermore, Noah’s mother also stated that after experiencing dark times in Hollywood, her motherhood saved her, and Fox felt changed in her perspective of life. 

His Social Media Accounts

Megan’s elder son Noah Shannon Green doesn’t use social media accounts, but some people made his fan pages on Instagram.

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