Kevin Dale Woods: The Life Journey Of Tiger Woods’ Brother

Kevin Dale Woods is the lesser-known brother of golf legend Tiger Woods. Kevin’s life took an unexpected turn in 2009 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 

Since then, he has been bound to a wheelchair and living a low-key life away from the media spotlight. 

Despite the little information available about him, this article aims to uncover Kevin’s early years, his bond with his brother Tiger, insights into his family life, his career, his net worth, and other aspects of his journey.

Quick Bio

Full NameKevin Dale Woods
Famous asTiger Woods’ Brother
OccupationCelebrity Sibling
Year of Birth1957
Place of BirthSan Jose, California
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenCharmaine Letuli
FatherEarl Woods
MotherBarbara Gary
SiblingsRoyce Renee Woods, Earl Woods, Jr., Tiger Woods
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Net WorthN/A

Kevin Dale Woods’ Early Life

Kevin Dale Woods was born in 1957 in San Jose, California, to parents Earl Woods and Barbara Gary. He was raised in a tight-knit family alongside his siblings Tiger, Royce Renee, and Earl Woods Jr. 

Details about Kevin’s educational journey remain limited, leaving much to be uncovered about his formative years. 

Despite the lack of information, it’s evident that Kevin experienced the bonds of a close family environment while growing up with his siblings.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Age And Nationality

Kevin Dale Woods, born in 1957, is 67 years old as of 2024. He holds American nationality, having been born in the United States.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Father: Earl Woods

Earl Dennison Woods played a significant role in the career of his son, Tiger Woods. 

Kevin Dale Woods’ Father Earl Woods

He introduced Tiger to golf at a young age and coached him exclusively during his early years in the sport, serving not only as a father but also as a mentor. 

Born in Manhattan, Kansas, Earl had a background in athletics, excelling as an amateur golfer and becoming the first Black baseball player for Kansas State University. 

Earl’s legacy extends beyond his son’s success, as he inspired many with his dedication, guidance, and unwavering support.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Mother: Barbara Gary

Kevin’s mother, Barbara Gary was the first wife of Earl Woods. She played a role in the family’s early years, although she is less prominent than Tiger’s mother, Kultida Woods. 

In interviews, Barbara expressed disappointment in Tiger for allegedly distancing himself from his half-siblings after his fame. 

According to her, before Tiger’s rise to fame, the siblings maintained regular contact, but their relationship became strained over time. 

Details about Barbara’s personal life and career are hard to find, although her connection to the Woods family has sparked public interest.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Siblings

Kevin’s elder brother, Earl Jr., was born in 1955 and gained recognition, particularly through increased media appearances. 

He is renowned as the father of Cheyenne Woods, who currently competes in the LPGA Tour

Royce Renee Woods

Kevin also has a younger sister named Royce Renee Woods, born in 1961, making her younger than both of her brothers. 

Royce lives a private life away from the media, hence, very little information is available about her life in the media.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Famous Half-Brother: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born Eldrick Tont Woods on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California, United States. 

He is an American professional golfer praised for his exceptional talent and remarkable accomplishments in the sport. 

Kevin Dale Woods’ Famous Half-Brother Tiger Woods

Turning professional in 1996, Woods quickly became one of the most prominent and successful athletes in modern history. 

Having many impressive achievements, including numerous PGA Tour wins and major championships, he is widely known as one of the greatest golfers of all time. 

Winning 15 major championships, Woods has gained global admiration and acclaim. 

Moreover, his philanthropic efforts through the Tiger Woods Foundation highlight his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Kevin Dale Woods And Tiger Woods’ Relationship

Kevin Dale Woods and his half-brother Tiger Woods, share their father, Earl Woods, but they have different mothers. 

While their relationship as half-brothers is not widely publicized, they do make occasional public appearances together. 

However, Kevin maintains a low profile, with no active presence on social media platforms, further concealing their connection. 

Reportedly, growing up the step-siblings had an extremely close relationship but now they have fallen apart.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Worsening Health Condition

In 2009, Kevin Woods was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Additionally, he faces severe challenges, including 95% blindness and complete confinement to his bed. 

According to his daughter Charmaine, Kevin’s condition has worsened to the point where he is also experiencing memory loss and requires constant assistance for daily activities. 

Charmaine and the rest of Kevin’s family are hopeful that by bringing this matter to the media, they may convince his brother, Tiger Woods, to extend a helping hand. 

Despite his worsening health and financial struggles, Kevin has never asked Tiger for help, but the family feels hurt by his apparent absence. 

Their primary concern now is providing Kevin with the full-time care he urgently needs, as he relies solely on Social Security and disability benefits and has lost his home due to his condition.

Did Kevin Dale Woods’ Brother Denied To Help Him?

Despite his brother Kevin’s dire situation, Tiger Woods didn’t extend assistance or reach out. 

Reports suggest that Tiger perceives requests for help as only financial appeals, although Kevin’s daughter, Charmaine, insists otherwise. 

Charmaine initially hesitated to approach Tiger for assistance, respecting her father’s wishes, but witnessing his desperation drove her to seek help from the press. 

She stresses that the cost of providing Kevin with a caretaker and bringing him home would be minimal for Tiger. 

Charmaine expresses sadness at her father’s suffering and hopes that Tiger will reconsider, as it would bring immense happiness to Kevin. 

Despite ongoing appeals, Tiger’s stance remains unchanged, but perhaps the continued public outcry will cause a change of heart.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Social Media

Kevin Dale Woods refrains from using social media platforms like Instagram. In his interactions with the media, he avoids revealing personal information, opting to keep a low profile. 

Kevin’s avoidance of public attention and the media highlights his commitment to maintaining a private lifestyle.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Career

Kevin Dale Woods’ professional history remains undisclosed in the media, but his current focus is on battling significant health challenges, particularly multiple sclerosis (MS). 

His struggle with MS has severely impacted his ability to work, ultimately leading to his decision to quit his job. 

Kevin Dale Woods’ Net Worth

Kevin Dale Woods’ net worth remains unknown due to the lack of information regarding his career path and assets. 

In contrast, his half-brother Tiger Woods has a significant net worth estimated at $1.1 billion.