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Who Is Kennedy Owen, Gary Owen’s Daughter?

Who Is Kennedy Owen, Gary Owen’s Daughter?

Kennedy Owen

Kennedy Owen is a teenage girl, but most people know her as the daughter of America’s beloved Comedian and Actor, Gary Owen, and his entrepreneur wife, Kenya Duke.

Coming from a navy background, her father is a famous face for appearing in some 2000’s popular hits like Ride Along, Daddy Day Care, and Think Like a Man.

Besides her famous parents, Kennedy likes to live her life behind the camera flashes and lives her life as a university student focusing on her studies and future goals.

She lives with her two big brothers, one biological and one step from her mother’s side. Despite being a celebrity child, Kennedy prefers to keep a low-key profile from the media.

Her only screen appearance is on the family reality show “The Gary Owen Show,” featuring the story of her father and his mixed-race family.

In the article below, find out about Kennedy Owen’s career choices, family life, and dating life etc.

Age and Nationality

Kennedy Owen came into the world to the sweet home of comedian Gary Owen and her wife Kenya Duke on the 3rd of July, 2002. Her birth town is Los Angeles, California, USA.

Kennedy’s zodiac sign is Cancer, as she celebrates her birth with her family and close friends on the 3rd of every July. In 2022, she will be celebrating her 20th birthday.

The celebrity child is biracial as she belongs to a mixed (Afro-American) ethnicity and owns American nationality.

She is Afro-American from her mother’s side of the family and North American from her father’s side of the family.

Kennedy’s parents never miss the opportunity to publicly express their love for their daughter. Celebrating her 19th birthday, her mother took to social media and wrote a heartfelt note along with their picture saying:

“I am screaming Happy 19th Birthday to my baby girl. You have turned out to be more than I could have hoped for….. You have one of the biggest hearts, and are the best daughter.”

Early Life and Education

Kennedy Owen grew up alongside her two big brothers, Emilio Owen and Austin Owen, and her celebrity parents, Gary Owen and Kenya Duke.

Her parents remained together for seventeen years of their marriage, but then they decided to go separate ways.

Kennedy is not adopted as she was the only daughter of her parents; however, her brother Emilio was adopted.

There are no further details about Kennedy’s childhood as she is quite a private person and avoids sharing her personal life details with the media platforms.

After completing her education at a reputable American high school, Heritage High School, Kennedy decided to pursue higher education.

In January 2020, she got admission to the country’s leading university, North Carolina A&T State University.

To celebrate her admission, her father took to social media and expressed his happiness by posting her admission letter along with a congratulatory note.

Meanwhile, she was also appearing on her family’s TV show, The Gary Owen Show. For a few years of her teenage life, Kennedy also went to a self-dependent Christian academy named Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy in Cincinnati.

Physical Appearance

Kennedy Owen is inherited mixed genes from her parents; as a result, she has a bulky body type like her father and black hair color like her mother.

In terms of body measurements, she has a fair height of around 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 66kg. Kennedy owns a gorgeous curvy body figure and a stunning pair of umber-colored eyes.

Kennedy is a wise, intelligent young girl with an impressive personality. This means that it will not be wrong to say that she is a beauty with brain.

Parents and their Relationship

Kennedy Owen’s parents first met accidentally during the 1990s at a Sunset Boulevard comedy club where her father was invited to perform a gig.

The couple got clicked instantly and exchanged numbers. For a few days, they remained connected to each other through phone calls and later decided to meet again for a proper date. They dated for a few months and fell in love.

The wedding details

The love birds decided to get more serious. They married on 19 July 2003 at a beautiful venue of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Oakland, California, among some close friends and family.

The wedding day went through some unfortunate events like bad time management and quarrels that resulted in tripping over the wedding cake, but overall it was good.

The bride decided to wear a traditional long sleeve white lace gown with beaded straps, and the groom went for a blue color suit with a bow tie.

Their marriage continued successfully for seventeen years, during which the couple gave birth to two beautiful children and also adopted Kenya’s son from her previous marriage.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended in divorce after 17 good years due to some unknown differences.

Gary Owen – Her Father

Kennedy’s father, Gary Owen, is a notable stand-up comedian, entertainer, and actor. He came from low-income family background and spent his childhood living in an RV with only two bedrooms for eight people.

At the start of his career, when he was just 17, he went to the US Navy and gave his services for six years. During this time, he experienced new adventures and met President Bill Clinton during his inaugural celebrations.

During his service time, he also performed his duty as a Presidential Honor guard for two years. During this time, his sense of humor improved, and he started getting praise and recognition from the people around him.

He started winning contests like the “Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego,” and as a result, people titled him the “Funniest Serviceman in America.”

From there, he decided to try his luck in the entertainment industry, and since then, his career has skyrocketed. Some popular films by Gary Owen include Ride Along, Daddy Day Care, Meet the Blacks and Think Like a Man.

He also hosted his own comedy show, Gary Owen: True Story and Gary Owen: I Agree with Myself.

Kenya Duke – Her Mother

Kennedy Owen’s mother, Kenya Duke, is a reputed entrepreneur who established her business Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. Her mother is a wealthy entrepreneur and businesswoman who owns Premier Sports and Corporate Travel agency.

Her flourishing business deals in travel administration and arrangement of necessary travel arrangements for Sports Teams, as well as harmonizing travel programs and Music Tours.

She also deals in making and managing travel programs and catering to all sorts of travel requirements for Athletes and Entertainers.

Her Siblings and Family

Kennedy Owen is the youngest child and only daughter of comedian Gary Owen and his wife, Kenya Duke.

Kennedy and her older brother, Austin, were born from the marriage of their father, Gary Owen, to his only wife, Kenya Duke.

However, Kennedy’s oldest brother, Emilio Oliver Owen, was from her mother’s former relationship.

After her mother married Kennedy’s father, Gary Owen, he adopted Emilio and welcomed him into their family.

Emilio Toliver Sr. – Her Stepbrother

Kennedy’s oldest stepbrother, Emilio Toliver Sr., came into the world on January 16, 1996. At that time, her mother was in a relationship with an unknown man.

After her mother married America’s famous comedian Gary Owen, he became Gary’s stepson. Emilio, aged 26, is a secretive person who chooses to stay away from the media spotlight.

He keeps his personal life hidden but loves his family. During her mother’s second marriage with Gary Owen, he had the honor to walk her mother down the aisle. His zodiac sign is Capricorn, and his relationship status is single.

Austin Owen – Her Biological Brother

Austin Owen is Kennedy’s older-biological brother, who came into the world on 27 November 2000 in Los Angeles, California.

While growing up, Kennedy and her older brother went to the same school. The 22-year-old is the only biological son of Gary and his star is Sagittarius.

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Professional Life and Career

Kennedy Owen is still in the early days of her adult life, and therefore she has time to choose the right career path for herself.

She is currently enrolled in the country’s leading university and hopes to become a successful American just like her parents.

Many predict that Kennedy will follow in her father’s footsteps and make a career in the entertainment industry like him. But there are equal chances that she may pursue a completely different career choice than her parents.

There is no surety about her career choice yet, but one thing is for sure: whatever Kennedy decides to opt for, she will excel in it like her parents.

No matter what Kennedy decides to do in her career, her parents are always by her side because they support their daughter completely and celebrate every little achievement of her life.

They are completely satisfied with their daughter’s choices and accomplishments so far.

Dating and Relationship Status

Kennedy is just a 20-year-old studying at university. She is too young to be dating and marrying. She is a beautiful young lady who will soon find the right match for herself.

Her current relationship status is single. It looks like she is currently focusing on her career and professional life.

Although there are no signs that she is in a romantic relationship, some rumors claim that Kennedy is secretly dating someone.

Some media accounts claim that Kennedy is secretly dating someone and has a secret boyfriend from college times. But these claims never got approved as there is no evidence or picture of any boy.

Net Worth

Kennedy Owen is still studying at university and has no job or career. Being a celebrity’s child, Kennedy had the privilege to debut as an actor on her family’s show, The Gary Owen Show.

Despite being just a student only, she is able to generate some revenue for herself through that.

But as she also holds no solid income source, she entirely depends on her parents for financial needs.

Therefore, her total net worth is still under review. While Kennedy still chooses her career, her parents are America’s well-known couple. As a result, she has direct access to most of the world’s riches and benefits and lives a prosperous- lavish lifestyle.

Kennedy’s father, Gary Owen, is one of America’s best stand-up comedians, and his net worth reaches more than 5 million dollars, according to Fashionuer.

He collected this significant sum of money through his acting and comedy career. Similarly, Kennedy’s mother, Kenya Duke, is a successful entrepreneur, financial expert, and businesswoman.

Through her business success, she has collected a total of around $3 million, according to 2022 statistics.

Kennedy is living a comfortable and joyful life with her brothers and family and is yet to figure out her own career path.

Her Social media Accounts

Kennedy Owen is a youngster and can be found on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She engages with her fans and followers on her social media by posting pictures and photos of her daily life activities and important moments and memories.

Her Instagram account is set on private and contains more than 901 Followers with 30 posts and 545 Following. One can find her account under the name @kennedyowen.

Her father is a big hit on Instagram, with more than 1.9 million followers. His account is @garyowencomedy.

Kennedy is also on Facebook, where she posts about her vibrant lifestyle. Her father, however, is very popular and has more than 2.5M followers on Facebook. He is available under the account @Gary Owen.

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