Kelly Ronahan: What Happened To Kelly’s Legs?

Kelly Ronahan is a former ballet dancer and trainer. She gained widespread attention in 2014 after her TikTok video of a mysterious illness went viral. 

Despite the media coverage surrounding her struggles, much of Ronahan’s life remained in mystery. 

This article aims to provide an overview of Kelly Ronahan’s life, the events leading to her viral video, and the subsequent revelations about her health.

Quick Bio

NameKelly Ronahan
Gender Female
Place of BirthKelowna, Canada
Marital StatusNot Married
ProfessionBallet Dancer and Trainer

Kelly Ronahan’s Early Life

Details about Kelly Ronahan’s upbringing, including her parents, date of birth, and early life are kept in secret from the public eye. 

However, we do know that Ronahan shares a twin sister named Gina. The nature of their childhood bond and the current state of their relationship remain unknown.

Considering her academic journey, Kelly studied at Okanagan College. Following her graduation, she embarked on a career path as a ballet dancer and trainer. 

Despite her professional pursuits, Ronahan maintained a low profile for the majority of her adult life. However, the narrative of her existence underwent a significant transformation in the year 2014.

The Story of Kelly Ronahan

In 2014, Kelly Ronahan captured the nation’s attention through a TikTok video where she discussed details about her illness, revealing the need for a weekly blood transfusion to cope with a rare blood disorder.

The Story of Kelly Ronahan

Ronahan attributed her condition to multiple sclerosis and a uterine fibroid, asserting the imperative need for regular blood transfusions to maintain her health. 

She claimed that without them, she faced the risk of organ failure. Additionally, she mentioned that she needed a hysterectomy to address the underlying issue. 

The lack of conclusive evidence and doctors’ inability to pinpoint the cause of her significantly dropping hemoglobin levels, triggered a social media uproar. 

While some expressed empathy and condolences for Ronahan, others were skeptical and accused Kelly of fabricating the illness to seek attention.

This controversy persisted for years without clear answers regarding the precise nature of her condition. 

By 2016, Ronahan had received an extensive 95 liters of blood through transfusions from 55 donors, averaging about three blood bags every two weeks. The majority of these donations came from well-wishers in response to her social media following.

Health Setbacks and Hospitalization

Despite receiving regular blood transfusions, Ronahan’s health showed no signs of improvement; instead, it continued to deteriorate. This unfortunate turn of events forced her to abandon her career as a ballet dancer and trainer. 

Throughout this period, Kelly regularly shared health updates on her Instagram account, garnering support and well-wishes from her online community.

However, in July 2016, Ronahan’s health took a critical turn as she was hospitalized due to seizures. To save her life, her devoted online fan base rallied together to organize a blood drive. 

Regrettably, Kelly’s stay in the hospital was brief. Following an intensive period of medical care, doctors concluded that she was faking her seizures.

Controversies and Medical Revelations

Her unnecessary hospitalization led to a division among fans. While some withdrew support, a significant portion of the public remained steadfast in their concern.

Early in 2017, Ronahan disclosed that her port had been inflamed, leading to sepsis. Kelly openly addressed her past struggles with an eating disorder and discussed her exercise obsession. 

Controversies and Medical Revelations

She also admitted to self-harm before falling ill.

She returned to the hospital in April 2017 for undisclosed reasons and doctors requested a blood sample. Subsequent tests indicated normal hemoglobin levels sparked the rumors of her faking the illness.

Kelly Ronahan denied these claims, accusing doctors of conspiracy. She disclosed that she was dealing with Behcet’s disease, a rare blood disorder. 

By 2018, doctors removed her port, saying that she no longer required blood transfusions. It added another intriguing layer to Kelly Ronahan’s complex health journey.

What Happened to Kelly Ronahan’s Legs?

Approximately a month after her port removal, Kelly Ronahan faced a new challenge. She developed swelling and blisters on her feet. 

Despite extensive medical testing, doctors struggled to identify the cause. Healthcare professionals also noted Ronahan’s habit of picking at her blisters that worsened the issue. 

All this led to widespread accusations of Munchausen syndrome, a disorder involving the fabrication of illness for attention.

She began experiencing a loss of sensation in her legs and ankles that eventually led to the amputation of one of her toes. 

Doctors were worried about potential nerve damage and blood circulation issues, ultimately recommending a leg amputation.

After the amputation, Kelly gradually withdrew from the public eye, reducing her social media presence. 

Where is Kelly Ronahan Now?

Following her surgery, Kelly’s engagement on social media decreased. However, she did share her plans to acquire prosthetics and expressed the intention to keep her followers informed about her ongoing progress.

Where is Kelly Ronahan Now

There is no information about the current situation of Kelly Ronahan. We hope that Kelly has found fulfillment and happiness in her life.