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Keala Scherzinger: The Lesser Known Sister of Pop Star Nicole Scherzinger

Keala Scherzinger: The Lesser Known Sister of Pop Star Nicole Scherzinger

Keala Scherzinger

Keala Scherzinger is the younger sister of internationally renowned pop star Nicole Scherzinger. While Nicole has made a name for herself as a singer, dancer, actress and TV personality, much less is known about her sister Keala.

Early Life and Family

Keala Scherzinger was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to parents Rosemary Elikolani and Alfonso Valiente. She has Filipino, Hawaiian and Ukrainian ancestry. When Keala and Nicole were young, their parents split up. Their mother later remarried Gary Scherzinger, whose surname the girls took. The sisters were raised in Louisville, Kentucky.

Growing up, Keala lived in the shadow of her famous older sister Nicole, who started performing at a young age. However, the sisters were close and supportive of each other. Keala attended college and went on to have a more low-key life than Nicole.

Relationship with Sister Nicole

Nicole Scherzinger shot to fame as the lead singer of girl group The Pussycat Dolls in the early 2000s. She later had a successful solo career and appeared as a judge on talent shows. Throughout Nicole’s rise to stardom, Keala remained close with her sister.

The sisters have described each other as their best friends. Nicole has credited Keala with helping keep her grounded. She said Keala is the one person who knew her before she was famous and treats her the same. Keala has joined Nicole on tour and at Hollywood events as her guest.

Keala largely stays out of the spotlight, but she has shared photos with Nicole on her own social media accounts. The sisters appear to have a tight bond, frequently exchanging loving messages on Instagram and praising each other’s accomplishments.

Career and Interests

Unlike her celebrity sister, Keala Scherzinger has maintained a relatively private life. Little is known about her career path and interests. However, it appears she may share some creative talents with Nicole.

Keala’s Instagram account shows she has an interest in fashion, makeup and style. Some posts suggest she may work as a makeup artist. She also occasionally shares videos of herself singing or dancing. While not at Nicole’s level, Keala seems to have some musical abilities as well.

Keala prefers to avoid the limelight, but she does make the occasional red carpet appearance to support Nicole. She generally lets her sister take center stage though. Keala lives a more low-profile life running her own business and spending time with family.

Life Today

These days, Keala Scherzinger continues to live in relative obscurity, especially compared to her superstar sister. She is based in the sisters’ hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Keala owns a housewares and gift store called The Little Sisters. The company’s name appears to be a nod to her bond with Nicole. Keala focuses on running her small business in Louisville.

While Nicole is often traveling the world for performances and TV appearances, Keala leads a simpler life. She enjoys spending time with her and Nicole’s extended family. Keala has a son, born in 2016, who she is raising outside the glare of Hollywood.

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The sisters make an effort to get together often. Nicole has described rewarding days spent cooking and relaxing with Keala’s family. Despite their differing levels of fame, the sisters remain close.

The Untold Story

Keala Scherzinger grew up in the shadow of her famous sister Nicole, but she has forged her own path. After staying close to home to attend college, Keala built a quiet life for herself in Louisville, Kentucky. She owns a small local business and focuses on raising her son.

Keala supports her sister Nicole’s phenomenal success in the entertainment industry. However, she has shunned the spotlight herself. Keala grants rare insights into her private world through social media. She posts about her tight-knit family and small-town business.

While Keala celebrates her sister’s glittering career, she seems content with her own simpler successes. The Scherzinger sisters complement each other’s contrasting lifestyles but remain bonded by unconditional love. Their different worlds collided briefly when Nicole returned to Louisville to film a music video with Keala in 2013.

However, Keala’s life remains largely under the radar. She enjoys having Nicole back in their hometown as often as possible. Keala may live in Nicole’s shadow, but her quiet achievements shine brightly in her own way.

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