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Who Is Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband, Juan Lopez? How This Drug Dealer Died In Prison?

Who Is Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband, Juan Lopez? How This Drug Dealer Died In Prison?

Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez is most famously known as the drug dealer and ex-husband of Jenni Rivera, who is a famous American singer. 

The main reason for the divorce between these two love birds was that the shocking incident occurred after a few weeks of their marriage. 

Police arrested and took the drug dealer in custody because it was clear that Juan Lopez was a great drug peddler who sold and abused drugs.

However, it did not take much time to uncover this secret.

Let’s read this article to know everything about Juan Lopez.

Early Stages Of His Life

The full name of Juan Lopez was Juan Manuel Lopez Pardo. His nickname was El Cinco. When he was 16 years old, he moved furtively across the border, and for some time, he got legal residency.

He was an Entrepreneur and a baseball coach in America; he worked as a baseball coach at many high schools in America. 

J. Lopez was of Caucasian descent and practised Christianity. His nationality was American. 

He was born in Mexico on the 17th of March, 1972. After some time, he made his permanent residence in Huntington Park, California, the U.S.A, where he became an American-based baseball coach at a high school. 

His zodiac sign was Pisces. He was 37 years old when he died. 

The ex-husband of Jenni Rivera died on; the 14th of July 2009. The place of his death was Huntington Park, California, USA. He died due to a severe respiratory problem.

The drug dealer was a well-qualified person. Unfortunately, he didn’t state any updates about his institutes of education. 

But his schooling life was good; his high school was present in his neighbourhood. It was a local high school. However, he never disclosed other information about his qualification. 

His Family Members 

Juan Lopez’s mother’s name was Ampelia Pardo, and his father’s name was Juan Lopez

When J.Lopez was twenty-five years old he married a famous American singer named Jenni Rivera. 

The famous American singer Jenni Rivera and the baseball coach have one son and one daughter named Jenicka Lopez, the daughter, and Johnny Lopez, the son.

When the drug dealer was twenty-five years old, his ex-wife Jenni Rivera gave birth to Janicka Lopez, and when he was twenty-eight years old, Jenni gave birth to Johnny Lopez.

After the divorce between J.Lopez and Jenni Rivera, they decided to take care of their children and co-parent them; this allowance happened after two years of their divorce.

Controversy About The Baseball Coach 

The man known as a coach was involved in several cases; he was unhappy with his baseball coach job. 

He wanted more money, so the ex-husband of Jenni started doing; illegal approaches to spend a lavish life, but he was unaware of the circumstances of the drug immigration process.

Police declared that Juan Lopez made an effort to smuggle unauthentic migrants. He was also involved in many illegal cases.

The drug-dealing news of Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband put him under the media’s spotlight. The court announced the lifetime jail for J. Lopez in 2007.

He got more fame when people heard about his death in prison due to a severe pneumonic condition. The loss of his life occurred after six years of his divorce from Jenni Rivera. 

His Body Measurements 

He was such a tall guy; Juan Lopez’s height was 6 feet and 2 inches. He looked so bulky; his body weight was approximately 104kg. 

His hair colour was black, and he had coloured blue eyes. Before he was in jail, the drug dealer looked handsome, but during his time in prison, the baseball coach gained a lot of extra weight, which made him look so fat. 

His Net Worth

If we talk about the net worth of Juan Lopez, he was also involved in many illegal cases, and before it, he was a baseball coach at a school in America.

He had a lavish lifestyle. But somehow, he turned himself into an illegal; cases of drugs, and then he is also known as a drug dealer. 

However, J. Lopez earned enough money monthly as a baseball coach and from the drug dealing process. He got 80% of his money from illegal drug selling, which made him wealty man. 

His net worth was approximately $4 million or above. However, the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera spent a lot of money on his bail.

His Professional Career

Juan Lopez had no professional career; he was famous because of his ex-wife, Jenni Rivera. He was an Entrepreneur and just a simple; baseball coach at a local institute in America. 

He was not internally satisfied with the money he earned from the educational institute.

However, he became greedy for more money; he allowed himself to be involved in drug cases. 

The drug dealer started to sell narcotics and got arrested many times by the police department. 

J.Lopez was taken into custody for the first time when he married the famous American singer Jenni Rivera for reportedly bringing illegal immigrants from Mexico to America.

This illegal action took him to jail for six months, just two weeks after the wedding.  He was also apprehended; in 2007 for the second time in the case of drug smuggling.

He was arrested a second time after a few years when the drug dealer and Jenni Rivera divorced, and he was sent to prison again.

His death occurred after two years in jail due to a severe lung problem. 

First Meeting Between J.Lopez and Jenni Rivera

The love between the both was love at first sight. In 1995, when Jenni Rivera was performing a song in a bar in Los Angeles, they met for the first time there.

Jenni Rivera and J.Lopez had an affair before their marriage. As by Fashionuer, in 1997 the drug dealer and Jenni Rivera got married. They both ended their married life after five years of togetherness in 2003. 

Juan Lopez Was A Private Person

From the beginning, Juan Lopez was a private person, but when he met Jenni Rivera, they both became close; to each other. 

J. Lopez loved spending more time with Jenni, but unfortunately, some circumstances happened from which both love birds parted ways and separated.

Biggest Mistake Of Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband

Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband’s biggest mistake was his involvement in drug dealing; because of this illegal action, J. Lopez got away from his loved ones and it took everything from him. J.Lopez was arrested and sent for six months in jail. 

After six months, when he came out of jail on bail, they both; resumed their married life. However, after some time, Jenni discovered that Juan Lopez was unfaithful, so she decided to file for divorced. 

J. Lopez Was A Adultery Person

The Ex-wife of Juan Lopez also revealed in her interviews that the main reason behind their divorce was that Jenni Rivera discovered her second ex-husband, Adultery.

The Netflix Series Based On Juan Lopez And Jenni Rivera’s Life

Jenni Rivera was the author of this series. She authored the series before her death. The name of the series is “Mariposa de Barrio’’

This series has some glimpses of her marriages, love life, and romance, including her second husband, Juan Lopez, who was a baseball coach and involved in many illegal drug cases. 

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The Traumatic Incident That Happened With The Ex-Wife Of Juan Lopez

The married life of the drug dealer and Jenni Rivera was not an ideal life. A few months later, when her ex-husband (J.Lopez) got jailed, she suffered a traumatic incident. 

Many men attacked Jenni Rivera, came behind her in an automobile and sexually abused her. 

Before being apprehended by the males, She said in her interview that she tried to run away in heels, but unfortunately, she could not go very far. 

However, it was such a traumatic incident for the ex-wife of Juan Lopez. She had never forgotten that incident in her entire life. 

Juan Lopez Elder Step-Daughter Chiquis

The elder stepdaughter of Juan Lopez, Chiquis, had an affair with her mother’s third husband, Esteban Loaiza. He was also a basketball player in the major league. 

The ex-wife of the baseball coach didn’t stop herself from marriage. After the divorce from J. Lopez, the famous American singer married Esteban Loaiza in 2010.

The third marriage of the drug dealer’s ex-wife also ended in divorce because of her daughter’s affair with her third husband. 

The reason for her third divorce was not the first time; her first divorce was also based on the same reason. Jenni Rivera’s first husband sexually abused his actual daughter, Chiquis and Jenni Rivera’s sister.

Somehow, it was hard to believe that Jenni Rivera’s first husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, the birth father of Chiquis, sexually abused his daughter.

Jenni Rivera And J. Lopez’s Third Child

When the drug dealer and Jenni Rivera decided to make their path separate and got divorced, Jenni expected the third child of J.Lopez. But unfortunately, this change didn’t bring them together again. 

J.Lopez Was Cheating On His Ex-Wife Jenni Rivera 

After they divorced, Jenni Rivera revealed in an interview that her second ex-husband was; cheating on her. 

Jenni tried many times to get him back and planned many strategies, but eventually, it didn’t work. 

She said that she remembered that day when she came to his office and asked him to meet other women. She also revealed a big thing about the baseball coach; he performed Adultery. 

Jenni Wrote A Song For J.Lopez

The famous American singer Jenni Rivera wrote a song for her second husband before; marriage. The name of the song is “La Gran Senora.” She sang this song for Juan Lopez in Spanish. 

The genre of this song is “Mariachi” The total length of this song is 44.55 minutes, and the label of this song is “Fonovisa’’.

Final Thoughts

Juan Lopez is no more with us, but his riveting story of life told us that money is not everything. 

However, the drug dealer was not happy with his life, especially when he got divorced from his ex-wife, the famous American singer Jenni Rivera.

His illegal involvement in selling drugs; took everything from him, his family, money, reputation, and everything. 

Many fans thought that Juan Lopez’s death was a punishment for him. For all of the deeds that he did in this world. 

Frequently Asked Question About Juan Lopez

Did J. Lopez and Jenni Rivera want to be happy together? 

Unfortunately, they both tried their best to manage the relationship, but somehow several circumstances occurred, and they decided to be divorced. 

Who played the role of Jenni Rivera and J. Lopez characters in the “Mariposa de Barrio” Netflix series? 

The role of Jenni Rivera; was played by Angelica Celaya, and the role of Juan Lopez; was played by Hector Fuentes in the ‘’Mariposa de Barrio’’ Netflix series. 

Did Jenni Rivera marry for the first time in her life with J. Lopez? 

No, J.Lopez was the second husband of Jenni Rivera, even though it was the first marriage for Juan Lopez. 

Did Jenni Rivera give money to Juan Lopez?

Yes, Before and after their marriage, Jenni Rivera gave money to the baseball coach whenever he asked. But after the divorce, they pretended to be unknown to each other but decided to co-parent their children.

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