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Jordan Love Parents: Their Tragic Story and Legacy

Jordan Love Parents: Their Tragic Story and Legacy

Jordan Love

Jordan Love is quickly becoming a household name in NFL circles. But who are Jordan Love parents?

The young quarterback was drafted in the first round by the Green Bay Packers in 2020 and has recently signed a one-year, $22.5 million contract to keep him with the team through 2024. 

As he prepares to take over the starting position for the Packers, many fans are curious about the personal life of this rising star, particularly the story of his parents.

Orbin Love: A Father’s Legacy

Orbin Love was born in Bakersfield, California, where he attended high school and played football as a quarterback. 

After graduating, he continued to play at the JC level before joining the police force and becoming a sergeant at the local police department.

Despite his successful career as a police officer, Orbin never lost his love for the game of football. 

And when his son Jordan was born in 1998, he knew that he wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a football player.

Jordan inherited his father’s athletic abilities and began playing football in high school. 

Orbin was his biggest fan and supporter, attending every game and practice, helping him train, and even building him a personal gym in their backyard.

Sadly, in 2013, Orbin took his own life when Jordan was only 14 years old. 

The tragedy was devastating for the entire family, leaving Jordan and his three sisters to navigate their teenage years without their beloved father.

Despite the pain of losing his father, Jordan continued to pursue his dream of playing football and dedicated his success to his dad. 

In a 2020 interview with ESPN, Jordan said, “I know he’s watching me and he’s proud of me, and I just want to keep making him proud.”

Anna Love: A Mother’s Love

After Orbin’s death, Anna Love became the sole provider and caretaker for the family. 

Anna had also worked in law enforcement, serving as an officer for the California Highway Patrol. 

She retired from the police force to focus on raising her children and supporting their dreams.

Anna was a strong and supportive mother, always encouraging her children to pursue their passions. 

When Jordan began to show promise as a football player, she did everything in her power to support him, attending games, driving him to practices, and helping him with his training.

Despite the challenges that came with being a single mother, Anna worked tirelessly to provide for her children and ensure that they had everything they needed to succeed.

Kami, Emily, and Alexis: Jordan’s Support System

Jordan is the second oldest of four siblings. His eldest sister, Kami, was a pillar of support for the family after their father’s death. 

Kami worked hard to provide emotional support to her younger siblings and take on more responsibilities around the house. 

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She continues to be a supportive presence in Jordan’s life and has often been seen cheering him on at his football games.

Emily, Jordan’s other sister, graduated from Taft College and went on to become a certified dental hygienist. 

She married her husband, Judd Hough, in 2020, and the couple recently welcomed their first child together.

Alexis, Jordan’s youngest sister, works as a merchandise execution associate at The Home Depot. 

While she has not always been in the spotlight like her brother, she plays an important role in the family’s support system.

The Love Legacy: Honoring Orbin’s Dreams

Despite the tragedy of losing their father, Jordan and his siblings have persevered and forged successful careers for themselves. 

And while Orbin is no longer physically present, his legacy lives on through his children’s success.

For Jordan, following in his father’s footsteps and becoming an NFL quarterback was the ultimate tribute to his dad. 

And as he takes on the starting position for the Green Bay Packers in the 2023 season, he knows that his father’s vision for his future is finally coming to fruition.

As Jordan continues to build his legacy on the football field, he does so with the love and support of his family, knowing that his father would be proud of him. 

The Love family serves as an inspiration to us all, proving that even in the face of tragedy, love and resilience can help us overcome any challenge.

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