Hayward Peele: Who Was Jordan Peele’s Father?

Hayward Peele, father of well-known Jordan Peele. Jordan is a skilled and famous American actor, comedian, and filmmaker.

Jordan took a kick start of his career by sketching comedy. Then, he also pursued his career as a writer and directed psychological horror and satirical films.

Quick Bio

Full NameHayward Peele
Famous asJordan Peele’s father
Date of BirthApril 23, 1949
Date of DeathNovember 2, 2000
Age51 years old (at the time of death)
BirthplaceNew York, New York, United States
Death placeNew York, New York, United States
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac signTaurus
ChildrenJordan Peele
EthnicityAfrican American
SpouseLucinda Williams.

Who is Hayward Peele?

Born on April 23, 1949, in New York, Hayward Peele hailed from North Carolina. His parents were Hayward Peele and Lucy May Doggert Peele. 

Tragically, at the age of 51, on November 2, 2000, Hayward Peele passed away in New York, and the specifics surrounding his demise remain undisclosed. 

Hayward gained recognition primarily as the father of Jordan Peele, whom he had with Lucinda Williams Peele. 

Jordan, the acclaimed actor and director, revealed that his last encounter with his father occurred at the tender age of seven. Jordan Peele was raised by his single mother on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. His success journey was shaped by his father’s absence in early life.

Hayward’s Relationship with His Family

Hayward Peele had a complex relationship with his family. Jordan’s mother, Lucinda Williams, hails from Maryland and is of a different racial background. 

Jordan’s early memories of his father involve monthly visits to his workplace until Hayward moved, leading to over a decade of separation. Hayward led an enigmatic life that Jordan only learned about a couple of years after his father’s death. 

Hayward’s absence left an emotional void for Jordan, influencing his artistic exploration of father-son relationships in his work. 

Lucinda Williams made efforts to maintain the father-son connection through music and shared meals. She intervened only when necessary to address misconceptions about race.

His Famous Son: Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele, born on February 21, 1979, is a versatile American talent, excelling as an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. His journey began in sketch comedy, where he made a mark on the Fox show Mad TV from 2003 to 2008. 

Jordan Peele

Collaborating with Keegan-Michael Key, he co-created and starred in the acclaimed Comedy Central series “Key & Peele” from 2012 to 2015. 

Transitioning to directing, Peele garnered immense praise for his debut film, the horror masterpiece “Get Out” in 2017, earning him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Since then, he has continued to captivate audiences with his unique blend of psychological horror and satire in films like “Us,” showcasing his undeniable influence in the world of entertainment.

His Son Jordan’s Married Life

Jordan Peele found love with fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti in 2013. The couple got engaged in November 2015. 

In a surprising twist, Peretti revealed in April 2016 that they had eloped. They welcomed their son, Beaumont, on July 1, 2017.  

His Famous Son Net Worth

Beyond his family life, Jordan Peele has achieved financial success, collecting a net worth of $50 million as of 2023.