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Georgia Marie Thompson: All About SNL Star Kenan Thompson’s Eldest Daughter

Georgia Marie Thompson: All About SNL Star Kenan Thompson’s Eldest Daughter

Georgia Marie Thompson

Georgia Marie Thompson is the eldest daughter of longtime Saturday Night Live cast member and actor Kenan Thompson. 

She was born in June 2014 to Kenan and his ex-wife Christina Evangeline. Georgia also has a younger sister named Gianna.

Kenan Thompson’s Comedy Career

Kenan’s comedy career started in the 1990s as a child actor on shows like All That and Kenan & Kel. He joined Saturday Night Live in 2003 and became its longest tenured cast member.

He has impersonated famous personalities like Al Sharpton, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey and others on the show.

Kenan has appeared in several movies as well, like Good Burger, Fat Albert, Snakes on a Plane, Going in Style and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Becoming a Father

Kenan announced he was going to become a father during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2014.

He joked about being terrified of fatherhood and said he would be at a casino during the birth. In another interview, Kenan said that having a baby was always on his and Christina’s mind and it all happened at the same time.

Birth of Georgia Marie

Georgia Marie Thompson was born on June 20, 2014 weighing 6 lbs. Soon after her birth, Christina shared a photo of newborn Georgia on Instagram with the caption “We’re just really sleepy.” Kenan was 43 years old when he became a father.

Life After Georgia’s Birth

Kenan says that after Georgia was born, his coolness got “sucked right out” of him. He started wearing socks with shorts and asking obvious questions at stores.

He was constantly worried and learned to be calmer and test his daughter’s resilience.

The biggest wake-up call was how quickly everything happened, he told People magazine. Watching Georgia do her homework was amazing to him.

Younger Sister Gianna

In 2018, Kenan and Christina welcomed their second daughter Gianna Michelle. Kenan said her birth “kicked things into overdrive.”

He was thankful the girls weren’t in diapers at the same time, since changing them was hard for him.

Divorce From Christina

After over a decade of marriage, Kenan filed for divorce from Christina in June 2022. They separated in April but remained close and co-parented their daughters.

Christina is currently dating Kenan’s SNL co-star Chris Redd. The divorce filings requested 50-50 custody of both kids.

Georgia on America’s Got Talent

In 2020, six-year-old Georgia appeared on America’s Got Talent when Kenan was a guest judge.

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She offered critiques of one act on the show. Kenan says both Georgia and Gianna have interests in acting and entertainment.

Georgia’s Personality

Kenan has described Georgia as one of the “biggest hams” he’s ever seen. He says she’s so funny and energized, with humor that likely comes from her mother’s side. 

As she grows older, she gets even funnier according to Kenan. Gianna has a devious sense of humor. The girls say the “darnedest things.”

Kenan Thompson’s Net Worth

With an estimated net worth over $13 million, Kenan is the richest cast member on SNL. He earns about $25,000 per episode, bringing in $2-3 million per year.

His lucrative SNL contract will likely last several more years. This contributes to Georgia’s privileged upbringing.

A Loving Father

It’s clear that Kenan Thompson is a devoted, loving father who puts his daughters first. Georgia Marie’s birth had a huge impact on him, changing his priorities and outlook on life.

He beams with pride talking about his girls’ big personalities. Georgia likely benefits greatly from having a father with such fame and success in the entertainment industry.

With Kenan’s guidance, her future in show business could be very bright if she chooses that path.

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