Who Is Eva Sundquist? All About Jimi Hendrix’s Partner

Eva Sundquist was the partner of Jimi Hendrix, the iconic American guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

Despite his short-lived mainstream career lasting only four years, Hendrix is still acknowledged as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music, a celebrated figure of the twentieth century.

Quick Bio

Full NameEva Sundquist
Famous AsPartner of Jim Hendrix
Date of Birth1950
Age 74 years old as of 2024
Place of BirthSweden
ChildrenJames Daniel Sundquist

Early Life and Family Background

Eva Sundquist, born around 1950 in Sweden, is approximately 74 years old as of 2024. 

Not much is known about her early life and family background, but she gained attention for her association with the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix. 

Their relationship, starting in 1968, led to the birth of their son, James Daniel Sundquist, on October 5, 1969.

Her Partner- Jim Hendrix

James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix, born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington, was an American guitarist, songwriter, and singer. 

He is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest and most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music.

Jim Hendrix

Despite his mainstream career lasting only four years, he left a lasting impact on the music industry. 

Hendrix’s innovative style redefined the expressive potential of the electric guitar, blending rock, soul, blues, and jazz genres. 

His performances were known for their charisma and boundary-breaking nature. Tragically, he passed away on September 18, 1970, in London at the age of 27.

How did Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix meet?

Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist first met on a tram in Stockholm in 1968 while “The Experience” was playing in the city. 

Their relationship began during this encounter, and despite Jimi’s tour ending, they stayed in touch. 

Upon the band’s return to Stockholm in January 1969, they rekindled their connection, culminating in the birth of their son, James Daniel, on October 5.

How Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix meet

Although a Swedish court acknowledged James Daniel as Jimi’s son, no paternity test was conducted.

Eva informed Jimi about the pregnancy and the subsequent birth. Jimi expressed his intention to meet his son during his return to Stockholm in 1970.

Unfortunately, Jimi passed away before this could happen. After Jimi’s death, his father, James Allen Hendrix, inherited his fortune, excluding other family members. 

Despite a paternity judgment from Swedish courts, James Daniel filed a lawsuit against his grandfather to claim his rightful inheritance, a battle that unfolded in the Los Angeles Superior Court. 

The legal dispute continued without definitive paternity testing, as reported in the May 19th, 1994 issue of Rolling Stone.

Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix’s Children

Jimi Hendrix had two children. With Eva Sundquist, he had a son named James Daniel Sundquist, better known as Jimi Hendrix Jr.. 

Additionally, Hendrix had a daughter named Tamika Laurice with Diane Carpentier. 

Eva Sundquist is the mother of Jimi Hendrix Jr., and they met in 1968 during Hendrix’s visit to Stockholm. 

Eva Sundquist and Jimi Hendrix's Children

Hendrix learned of his son’s existence shortly before he died in 1970, but he never met Jimi Hendrix Jr.

There was a ruling in the mid-1970s in Sweden declaring Jimi Hendrix as the father of James Henrik Daniel Sundquist, although the validity of this ruling under U.S. law is disputed. 

Jimi Hendrix Jr. has attempted to inherit his father’s estate through legal battles, but these efforts have faced opposition from Al Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix’s father.

Her Son- James Sundquist

James Daniel Sundquist, also known as Jimi Hendrix Jr., is the son of the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist. 

James Sundquist

He was born on October 5, 1969, in Stockholm, Sweden. James Daniel Sundquist has not pursued a career in music like his father and has maintained a private life in Sweden. 

Despite legal battles to inherit his father’s estate, he has not been successful in claiming a share of the inheritance. 

As of 2024, James Daniel Sundquist is 54 years old and reportedly has a net worth of $1 million.

Legal and Estate Affairs

Eva Sundquist and her son, James Daniel Sundquist, became entangled in legal battles over Jimi Hendrix’s estate following his 1970 death. 

Valued at approximately $80 million, the estate generated wealth from image rights, royalties, and song copyrights. 

With no will left by Hendrix, his assets were initially passed to his father, creating disputes over inheritance.

Despite Hendrix’s father leaving the estate to Janie Hendrix in his will, conflicts arose over legal rights, contested wills, and James Daniel Sundquist’s paternity. 

The legal battles led to settlements, eventually granting Eva Sundquist and James Daniel Sundquist a share of the inheritance. 

These settlements addressed the concerns of various family members, including children and potential heirs.

Beyond inheritance disputes, the legal complexities extended to royalties and song copyrights. 

Eva Sundquist, James Daniel Sundquist’s mother, played a significant role in discussions surrounding royalty payments and control of Jimi Hendrix’s music library. 

Hendrix’s legacy continued to generate income through royalties, agreements, and legal proceedings over the years aimed to distribute this income equitably among involved parties.

The resolution of these conflicts ensured that Eva Sundquist and her son received fair financial compensation and retained control over the extensive musical catalog left behind by the iconic guitarist, Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix’s Death and Legacy

There are different versions of what happened on Jimi Hendrix’s last day. He was with his girlfriend Monika Danneman, who said they had dinner and talked until morning. 

Monika found Jimi unconscious on September 18, 1970, and called an ambulance, but he was declared dead at the hospital. Monika claimed Jimi took the sleeping pills she gave him.

Jimi Hendrix’s Death and Legacy

However, there were contradictions in her story, and the autopsy said Jimi died from choking on his vomit while on sleeping pills.

Jimi Hendrix’s legacy persists, leaving an indelible mark on the music world even after his untimely death at the age of 27 in 1970. His influence is evident in various aspects:

Decades after his passing, Hendrix’s music remains popular, attracting new generations of fans who discover and appreciate his recordings.

Rolling Stone magazine consistently ranks Hendrix among the greatest guitarists, securing his place in the annals of music history.

Numerous musicians, including Lenny Kravitz and Prince, have paid homage to Hendrix, often covering his songs or incorporating his unique guitar style into their music.

Unreleased recordings by Hendrix have been shared with fans over the years, expanding his musical legacy even further.

Jimi Hendrix’s impact on the history of popular music underscores the remarkable talent and innovation he brought to the world of rock and roll. 

Today, he continues to be celebrated as one of the greatest musicians and guitarists of all time.

Is Eva Sundquist Still Alive?

Eva Sundquist is alive and she deliberately stays away from the limelight, preferring a quiet and private life. 

In an era of constant media coverage, her elusive stance indicates a preference for a reserved and private existence. 

Approaching her 74th year, Eva appears to be enjoying a period of reflection and relaxation, distancing herself from the demands of public attention.