Emily Strayer Divorce: The Painful End Of Her Marriage

Emily Strayer, the banjo and guitar player of the Grammy Award-winning country band The Chicks, is one of today’s best female artists. What is the story behind Eily Strayer Divorce?

Her talent in music is undeniable, but as it turns out, her talent as a songwriter was not purely out of passion for music, but a way to ease a broken heart after her divorce from country singer Charlie Robison. 

In this article, we will explore the story of Emily Strayer’s divorce, how it affected her life and music career, and how she rose above the challenges to become the empowered woman that she is today.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Love Story

Emily Strayer, born Emily Burns Erwin on August 16, 1972, grew up in Addison, Texas. 

Her love for music started at an early age, and she was encouraged by her parents who were both instructors in private schools. 

She learned to play string instruments, starting with the violin at seven, and the banjo at ten. 

Growing up with her older sister, Martie Maguire, who is also a member of The Chicks, they developed their shared love for music and honed their skills together.

Emily’s Breakthrough with The Chicks

In high school, Emily and Martie formed the bluegrass quartet, Blue Night Express, with two schoolmates, Troy, and Sharon Gilchrist. 

The group toured extensively for five years until Emily and Martie joined forces with Natalie Maines to form The Chicks. 

The Chicks, formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, were a huge hit in the late 90s, bringing the girl power genre to the forefront of country music.

Emily’s Creative Outlet

Emily struggled with her marriage to Charlie Robison, a fellow country singer, and songwriter. 

She poured her emotions into her music, leading her to express herself through songwriting. 

Her music was an outlet for her raw emotions and personal experiences, including her feelings about the breakup of her marriage. 

Her honest and heartfelt lyrics resonated with many listeners, making her even more relatable as an artist.

Divorce: The End of a Beautiful Love Story

Emily was married to Charlie Robison in 1999, and the couple was blessed with three children: son Charles Augustus and twins Julianna Tex and Henry Benjamin. 

However, their marriage was not meant to last, and the couple decided to get divorced in 2008, ending their nine-year union. 

The reason for their divorce was not made public, and both parties remained relatively quiet about their split.

The Aftermath of Divorce

Emily’s divorce from Charlie Robison was a challenging time in her life. From dealing with custody issues to the emotional impact of ending a significant relationship, Emily had to find ways to cope and find support. 

For her, music was a cathartic way to release her feelings of sadness and distress. She also found solace in her family, especially her sister Martie, who supported her through this trying time.

Emily’s Brave New Beginnings

Emily remarried in 2013 to Martin Strayer, a fellow musician in her side project called Court Yard Hounds. 

The couple welcomed their daughter, Violet Isabel, in 2016. 

Her new marriage gave her a renewed sense of hope and happiness, and she was able to move on from her past relationship. 

Emily’s story of resilience and strength is a testament to the power of moving forward from life’s challenges. 

She continues to make music and inspire fans young and old with her timeless message of love, hope, and perseverance.


Emily Strayer has made a name for herself as one of country music’s most innovative and talented artists. 

Her music has touched the hearts of millions, and her journey as a divorced mom and a successful musician inspires countless others. 

Her story reminds us that life is never easy, but with bravery and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. 

Emily has learned how to move on and find happiness in new beginnings, and her story is a beautiful reminder that there is life after divorce.