Edward Kostyra: What Happened to Martha Stewart’s Father?

Edward Kostyra, Martha Stewart’s father, had an interesting career. He started as a teacher and later became a pharmaceutical salesman. He was married to Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra and had six children, including Martha Stewart. 

Even though he’s not well-known, people are curious about him because they want to know more about the family that influenced Martha.

In this article, we’ll explore Edward Kostyra’s background, his profession or activities, and his influence on his daughter’s life and career.

Quick Bio

NameEdward Kostyra
BirthdateAugust 21, 1911
Marital StatusMarried (deceased)
WifeMartha Ruszkowski Kostyra
Zodiac SignLeo
ProfessionPharmaceutical Salesman
Famous forBeing Martha Stewart’s father
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net WorthN/A
Social MediaN/A

Early Life & Background

Edward Kostyra’s life began simply, but he always worked hard. Growing up, he learned never to give up and to do his best. As he got older, he found a job selling medicine, where he became known for being friendly and dedicated. 

Despite his busy job, he always made time for his family, enjoying moments with his wife, Martha, and their kids. Edward’s early experiences taught him to be responsible and honest in everything he did, which helped him succeed in his career and life. 

He worked hard to create a good life for his family, leaving behind a legacy that inspired others to do their best too.

Edward Kostyra’s Career & Professional Life

Edward Kostyra started his career selling medicine, and people liked him for being hardworking and friendly. He worked really well with others and became someone everyone trusted. 

Even when things got tough, he never gave up, always trying his best. He kept moving up in his job, showing he was good at making connections and getting things done. 

No matter what, he stayed honest and worked hard, making sure everything he did was top-notch. His career showed that if you work hard and do your best, you can achieve great things and leave a lasting impact.

Edward Kostyra’s Married Life 

Edward Kostyra was deeply committed to his wife, Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra. Even though his job kept him busy, he always found time for his family, enjoying moments with his wife and kids. 

Their marriage faced challenges, but they stayed strong together, supporting each other through thick and thin. Edward and Martha’s love was a source of strength for their family, showing the importance of caring for and standing by each other.

Who Is Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra?

Martha Stewart’s mom, Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra, also known as “Big Martha,” was a retired teacher and widow of Edward Kostyra. 

She often appeared on Martha’s TV show, sharing her cooking secrets, like her famous mashed potatoes with cream cheese. 

Who Is Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra

Big Martha passed down traditional Polish recipes to Martha, who became famous for her cooking. Some of her best recipes include Spice Cupcakes and Lemon Meringue Cake. 

Sadly, Big Martha passed away at 93. Martha Stewart continues her mom’s legacy by helping older adults, like with the Martha Stewart Center for Living in New York.

Edward Kostyra’s Children

Edward Kostyra had six children, including Martha Stewart and Laura Dorothy Kostyra Plimpton, as well as four other private individuals. Laura, born on March 4, 1955, was the youngest among them. 

She worked alongside her sister Martha in catering and writing. Eventually, she became a celebrated chef known for her warmth, humor, and cooking skills. Sadly, Laura passed away in 2014 at the age of 59.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, born Martha Helen Kostyra, grew up in Nutley, New Jersey, as the second of six children. She started modeling at 13 and later went to Barnard College in Manhattan, where she studied history. 

Martha Stewart

Martha met her husband, Andrew Stewart, in college, and they got married in 1961. She switched from being a stockbroker to focusing on gourmet cooking, starting a catering business in the late 1970s. 

This led to her founding Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. in 1991, which made her a big name in media. Despite facing personal struggles like a divorce and legal issues, Martha kept growing her brand in the lifestyle industry. 

Laura Dorothy Kostyra Plimpton

Laura Dorothy Kostyra Plimpton was the youngest of six siblings. She was born on March 4, 1955, to Martha and Edward Kostyra. 

She played a big role in her sister Martha Stewart’s career, working with her for over 25 years on Martha’s blog and radio show. Laura married Kim Herbert in 1979 and had three kids: Christopher, Sophie, and Charlie. 

Laura Dorothy Kostyra Plimpton

Sadly, Kim died in 1985 from lymphoma, leaving Laura to raise their children alone. She later married Randy Plimpton in 1990, and they shared a love for the environment. 

Laura was known for her kindness, humor, cooking skills, and devotion to her family. Even though she’s no longer with us, her children and the people she touched remember her fondly for the positive impact she made.

Edward’s Impact On Martha Stewart

Edward Kostyra had a big influence on Martha Stewart. As her dad, he gave her lots of good advice and always encouraged her to believe in herself. His values of working hard and being honest became important to Martha as she grew up. 

Edward’s support and belief in Martha’s abilities inspired her to chase her dreams and become successful. Thanks to her dad’s guidance, Martha became a well-known figure in the world of lifestyle and homemaking.

Edward Kostyra’s Tregic Death

Edward Kostyra’s sudden death was a huge shock to his family and friends, leaving them feeling very sad. Though we may not know exactly what happened, his absence would have been deeply felt by everyone who knew him. 

Whether it was because of an illness, an accident, or something else, losing Edward brought a lot of sadness to those who cared about him. 

Even though he’s gone, his memory lives on in the hearts of those who loved him, and he’ll always be remembered for the special person he was.

Social Media Presence

Martha Stewart’s dad, Edward Kostyra, doesn’t use social media. But Martha herself is pretty active online.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where she shares updates about what she’s working on, recipes, and tips for living a better life.

Edward Kostyra’s Net Worth

Edward Kostyra, Martha Stewart’s dad, had a job selling medicine. We don’t know how much money he had. But Martha Stewart, his daughter, is said to be worth about $300 million.