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Donna Goudeau: What Happened To Her?

Donna Goudeau: What Happened To Her?

Donna Goudeau

A Texan woman, Donna Goudeau, catapulted to internet stardom in 2011 when a video capturing her arrest went viral, becoming an overnight sensation. 

Her now-infamous catchphrase, “P.O.P. hold it down,” resonated with viewers and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. 

Goudeau’s unexpected rise to fame was inextricably linked to the video that showcased her unique personality and spirited demeanor.

However, it is important to delve into the circumstances surrounding Goudeau’s viral notoriety. Regrettably, her fame stemmed from her involvement in a grave criminal act—an armed robbery targeting a 73-year-old man. 

Following her arrest and subsequent legal proceedings, Donna Goudeau faced the consequences of her actions. 

She was sentenced for her role in the armed robbery and ultimately sentenced to 18 years of incarceration. The judicial system rendered its verdict, emphasizing the gravity of her offense and the necessity for accountability.

What Happened To Donna Goudeau?

Donna Goudeau, a notorious criminal from Texas, gained online fame after a viral video of her arrest. Accused of violent assault and armed robbery in 2011, she was convicted alongside accomplices Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau. The incident involved targeting Juan Sustiata at the Driftwood Hotel.

The video showcased her uttering memorable phrases such as “P.O.P. hold it down,” “barely,” and “I’m legally blind.” 

It is necessary to note that despite certain rumors and hoaxes, Donna Goudeau is indeed alive. Presently, she is serving a prison term for aggravated robbery. 

Following her transfer from a New Mexico correctional facility to Fort Worth, Texas, in 2014, she is expected to remain incarcerated until her scheduled release in 2029.

How Old Is Donna Goudeau?  

However, when determining Donna Goudeau’s exact age, there is some inconsistency in the available information. 

According to certain sources, she was reported to be 25 years old at the time of her arrest, suggesting she might be in her early thirties. 

Other sources indicate that she was 39 years old. Due to these conflicting accounts, establishing her precise age remains challenging.

Donna Goudeau’s Husband & The Elusive Details

When it comes to the topic of Donna Goudeau’s husband, there is a shortage of substantial information accessible about her current marital status or the specific identity of her husband. 

It is crucial to remember that search results can differ significantly, and details regarding Donna Goudeau’s personal life might be constrained or not openly accessible to the public.

Donna Goudeau’s Body Measurements

Regrettably, the available knowledge regarding her height or any other specific body measurements is limited, leaving a void of comprehensive information.

Donna Goudeau’s Career Highlights 

Donna Goudeau’s claim to fame stems more from her entanglement in a high-profile criminal case than from a noteworthy and discernible career path. 

It was through a viral video and an accompanying catchphrase that she garnered public attention, yet her notoriety predominantly revolves around her apprehension, subsequent sentencing, and ongoing legal complications. 

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These pivotal aspects of her life have substantially shaped her public image and drawn significant public interest and scrutiny.

What Is Donna Goudeau’s Net Worth in 2023? 

Based on the search results, the available information regarding Donna Goudeau’s net worth is limited. 

Her rise to prominence and subsequent internet fame can be traced back to the viral dissemination of her arrest video in 2011. 

However, she has not publicly disclosed precise details concerning her salary or comprehensive net worth. Consequently, her financial standing and net worth remain undisclosed and mysterious.


Q1: What is Donna Goudeau’s age?

Determining Donna Goudeau’s exact age is challenging due to conflicting information. Some sources suggest she was around 25 years old at the time of her arrest in 2011, indicating she might be in her early thirties.

Q2: Does Donna Goudeau have any known family members?

Unfortunately, information about Donna Goudeau’s parents or siblings is unknown.

Q3: What is Donna Goudeau’s marital status?

Limited information is available regarding Donna Goudeau’s current marital status or the specific identity of her husband. Details about her personal life may be restricted or not publicly accessible.

Q4: What are Donna Goudeau’s body measurements?

Specific details about Donna Goudeau’s height or other body measurements are not widely available.

Q5: Did Donna Goudeau have a career before her arrest?

Donna Goudeau’s fame primarily stems from her involvement in a high-profile criminal case rather than from a discernible career path. Her notoriety is linked to the viral video of her arrest, which gained significant attention online.

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