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Who Is Diane Plese? All About Robert Herjavec’s Ex-Wife

Who Is Diane Plese? All About Robert Herjavec’s Ex-Wife

diane plese

Diane Plese, a name that may not be on everyone’s lips, but one that is closely associated with the Canadian-Croatian television celebrity, Robert Herjavec. 

For 25 years, Diane shared her life with this successful businessman, and their whirlwind romance became a media sensation. 

In this article, we delve into the life, career, personal struggles, and triumphs of Diane Plese, a remarkable woman who made her mark as an optometrist and weathered the storms of fame, love, and loss.

Early Life and Childhood

Born in Canada in the year 1959, Diane Plese spent her formative years in the picturesque neighborhood of Parkdale. 

Her parents, both immigrants from Croatia, arrived in Canada the same year Diane was born. They carried with them high hopes and dreams of a better life for their daughter in this new and promising land.

Diane proudly identifies herself as of North American ancestry and holds Canadian citizenship. Her multicultural roots have undoubtedly contributed to her resilience and adaptability throughout her life.

Despite the fame and notoriety that would later come her way, Diane’s early life remains veiled in mystery. Little is known about her family and her academic pursuits during those formative years. However, it’s clear that her journey was destined for greatness.

A Professional Odyssey

As Diane Plese embarked on her career path, the world of optometry beckoned her. With unwavering determination and a thirst for knowledge, she pursued a career that would eventually see her becoming a prominent figure in the field.

Diane’s contributions to optometry have been celebrated for many years. Her dedication to her craft and her brilliance in the field are evident to all who know her. It’s no wonder that Robert Herjavec, a man of remarkable success himself, was captivated by her intellect and charm from the moment they met.

The Personal Saga of Diane Plese

Diane’s personal life became closely entwined with Robert’s when their romantic relationship transitioned into a lifelong commitment as husband and wife. 

However, after a quarter-century of marriage, the couple found themselves contemplating the difficult decision of divorce, a decision that deeply affected Robert.

The Struggles After Divorce

Following their divorce, Robert’s life took a distressing turn. In a candid interview with PEOPLE in the year 2015, he revealed the emotional turmoil he experienced. 

He confessed that there was a point when he contemplated ending his own life, such was the magnitude of the stress and challenges he faced. It was indeed a tumultuous period for him.

Robert reflected on their time as parents, describing them as wonderful parents who did their best for their children. However, as the years went by, challenges emerged, challenges that he suggested were perhaps inevitable.

It’s worth noting that during this period, rumors swirled about Robert’s relationship with his partner on “Dancing with the Stars,” Kym Johnson. Many speculated that their close bond was a factor in his marriage’s unraveling. 

Yet, considering the depth of Robert’s despair following the divorce, one wonders if he gave his full consent to severing all ties with Diana Plese.

Diane Plese’s Children

Together, Diana Plese and Robert Herjavec have three offspring—Brendan, Skye, and Caprice. Their children’s names are a testament to their enduring connection. Brendan is their son, while Skye and Caprice are their daughters.

As their lives moved forward in different directions following the divorce, both Diana and Robert found new paths in their personal lives. 

Robert moved on to marry professional ballroom dancer Kym Johnson, and in 2016, they celebrated their wedding. The couple recently welcomed a set of identical twins, Hudson and Haven, bringing even more joy and laughter into their lives.

Current Relationship Status

While Robert’s life continued to be in the limelight with his marriage to Kym Johnson, Diane Plese opted for a more low-key existence post-divorce. Her current relationship status remains unknown to the public, as she chose a more private life.

Diane’s decision to remain out of the public eye may be attributed to the significant attention her divorce from Robert received and the subsequent legal battles. Her focus may well have shifted to providing stability and support for her children during this transitional period.

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Diane Plese’s Age

In a world where fans are insatiably curious about every detail of public figures’ lives, Diane Plese’s age has been a topic of interest. She was born in Parkdale, Toronto, in 1959, which means she recently turned 63 years old as of 2022.

Diane Plese’s Appearance

Fans often seek the minutiae of a celebrity’s life, including their physical attributes. Diane Plese stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches, equivalent to 175 centimeters, a testament to her consistent efforts in maintaining her physical stature.

Despite being a mother of three, Diane has successfully maintained a healthy weight of approximately 60 kilograms, equivalent to 132 pounds. Her dedication to her physical well-being is evident in her trim physique, boundless vitality, and youthful appearance.

Diana Plese’s Net Worth

One aspect of Diane Plese’s life that garnered significant attention during her divorce from Robert Herjavec was the financial settlement. With no prenuptial agreement in place, Diane received a substantial net worth of 25 million dollars from the court’s ruling.

As part of the settlement, Robert Herjavec agreed to pay Diane Plese a monthly alimony of 125,000 dollars. Additionally, he was obligated to lend her a staggering 25 million dollars from his inheritance. This legal dispute left no stone unturned, covering various assets, from the number of parking spaces within the garage of their enormous 22,500-square-foot mansion to Robert’s real estate holdings.

Before their marriage, Diane had already accumulated 20 million dollars in assets, which continued to grow. An equalization payment added an extra 2.6 million dollars to compensate for her losses. Furthermore, she was set to receive an additional 2.4 million dollars after the sale of Robert’s property in Florida was finalized.

Diane Plese was also entitled to one-third ownership of a ski chalet in Caledon, estimated to be worth a whopping 400,000 dollars. This added to her considerable net worth of 25 million dollars, solidifying her financial future.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Diane Plese’s life story is a remarkable journey of resilience, success, and the complexities of personal relationships. 

While her marriage to Robert Herjavec brought her into the public eye, she has carved her own identity through her illustrious career as an optometrist. 

Diane remains a legend in the medical profession, dedicated to serving humanity, and continues to live her life with her children by her side. Her story is a testament to the enduring spirit of a remarkable woman who has navigated the highs and lows of life with grace and determination.

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