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The Mystery Surrounding Davohnte Morgan’s Girlfriend

The Mystery Surrounding Davohnte Morgan’s Girlfriend

Davohnte Morgan Girlfriend

Davohnte Morgan was a responsible leader in his community and was known for his kind heart and generous demeanor. What is the mystery surrounding Davohnte Morgan Girlfriend?

He had a loving girlfriend with whom he had a whirlwind romance, but their relationship ended abruptly, and it was the last time anyone had seen him. 

Davohnte’s girlfriend remains a person of interest, and the police are investigating her involvement with his disappearance.

The Night Before Davohnte Disappeared

Davohnte and his girlfriend spent the night of May 4 together at Cold Creek Inn, despite ending their relationship. 

The next morning, Davohnte’s former girlfriend went out to watch the sunrise and allegedly saw him when she returned to the motel. 

According to her statement, they didn’t exchange words before he disappeared. However, the details surrounding their last interaction remain unclear, raising doubts about her account.

The Investigation

The Mount Shasta Police Department deemed the circumstances surrounding Davohnte’s disappearance highly suspicious, and they are actively investigating the case. 

They have collaborated with multiple law enforcement agencies, conducted extensive search operations, and analyzed surveillance footage from various locations. 

Although they uncovered footage of Davohnte walking around Mt. Shasta for an hour on May 5, the footage abruptly ends after this time. 

The authorities have not yet found any leads that provide conclusive evidence on what happened to Davohnte.

The Girlfriend’s Involvement

Davohnte’s girlfriend remains a person of interest in the investigation. After all, she was the last person to see him. 

On May 6, she initially approached the MSPD to discuss Davohnte’s disappearance, but she opted to delay filing an official report until the following morning after conversing with a member of his family. 

Additionally, her story about the events leading up to his disappearance has inconsistencies that the authorities are investigating.

The Chime Credit Card

During the investigation, MSPD tracked two cards potentially in Davohnte’s possession at the time of his disappearance. 

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While one card was confirmed to be used by a family member and not in his custody, the other, a Chime credit card, was believed to be in his possession. 

However, it is subject to a denied search warrant application, and investigators have not yet been able to track its usage. The card remains a crucial piece of evidence in the case.


As investigations continue, it remains unknown what happened to Davohnte Morgan, and all of his family and friends are still looking for answers. 

Despite the months that have passed, they have not given up hope that they will find him. 

The authorities remain dedicated to finding out the truth surrounding his disappearance, and they are leaving no stone unturned. 

As the investigation progresses, the answers may reveal themselves, and hopefully, Davohnte’s family and loved ones may find closure.

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