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Chris Rooney Wife: Who is Emily? Marriage Troubles & Divorce

Chris Rooney Wife: Who is Emily? Marriage Troubles & Divorce

Chris Rooney Wife

Who is Chris Rooney wife? While Chris Rooney may be famous for his TikTok account, he is also a married man with a wife named Emily. 

Fans have been curious about the woman behind the scenes, so let’s take a closer look at who she is.

Emily Rooney is from Virginia, just like her husband, Chris. 

She has appeared in some of Chris’ social media posts, but she is not a central figure in his content. 

Based on her social media profiles, she is a makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup.

Chris and Emily have been married for several years, but the exact date of their wedding is unknown. 

They have not publicly shared any information about how they met or fell in love, but it’s likely that they were together before Chris became famous on TikTok.

In some of Chris’ videos, Emily can be seen supporting him from the sidelines. 

For example, in a video posted on July 6, 2022, Chris, Emily, and their niece and nephew were all featured. 

The video was upbeat and fun, showing the family spending time together and having a good time.

Chris Rooney’s Rise to Fame

Before we delve more into Chris and Emily’s relationship, it’s important to understand how Chris became so famous in the first place.

Chris Rooney is known as the “Yeet Baby” on social media due to his adorable videos with his young niece, Marleigh. He started posting videos of her when she was just a baby, and they quickly went viral. Marleigh became known as the “Yeet Baby” thanks to her cute reactions in the videos.

Chris has since amassed a huge following on both TikTok and Instagram. 

He currently has 5.7 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. He has even worked with big brands like Disney and Aerie.

Despite his success, Chris has never forgotten his roots. In many of his videos, he emphasizes the importance of family and spending time with loved ones.

Marriage Troubles and Divorce

Despite their happy appearances in Chris’s social media posts, he and Emily eventually faced trouble in their marriage. 

In November 2021, Chris and Emily announced that they would be getting a divorce. 

They did not disclose the reason for their split, but they emphasized that they still cared for each other and were committed to co-parenting their niece, Marleigh.

Fans were shocked by the news, as Chris had always appeared to have a close relationship with Emily. 

It’s unclear whether their separation was due to the pressures of Chris’s social media fame, the demands of their respective careers, or something else entirely.

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What Happened to Chris Rooney?

In August 2023, Chris Rooney went missing for several hours. His family had filed a missing person’s report with the Virginia police after being unable to contact him. 

Thankfully, Chris eventually made contact with the police to let them know that he was safe.

However, it was later revealed that Chris had checked himself into a mental health facility. 

According to his family’s Instagram post, he had struggled with his mental health after watching a film about child sex trafficking. 

The post states that Chris was deeply affected by the movie and felt sick to his core after watching it.

Chris remains in treatment at the mental health facility as he works through his struggles. Fans have expressed their support and well wishes for him during this difficult time.

Final Thoughts

While Chris Rooney may be famous for his social media presence, he is still a human being with a personal life outside of the public eye. 

His relationship with Emily is just one example of the real-life challenges that many couples face.

As fans, it’s important to remember that our favorite social media stars are not perfect. They have struggles and difficulties just like the rest of us. 

By supporting Chris and wishing him well as he navigates his mental health challenges, we can help to create a more compassionate and empathetic online community.

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