Chad Franke: Where is Ruby Franke’s Son Now?

Chad gained widespread attention after a video he shared in 2020 went viral, shedding light on his living situation. He is a key figure in the popular YouTube channel “8 Passengers.” 

This triggered a cascade of events that led to Child Protective Services intervening, resulting in the arrest of his mother, Ruby Franke, in August 2023.

In this article, let’s have an insight into the life of Ruby Franke’s 19-year-old son, Chad Franke.

Quick Bio

NameChad William Franke 
Age19 years (as of 2024)
Date of Birth2 February 2005 
ParentsKevin and Ruby Franke
Net Worth$1 Million
ProfessionYouTuber and Social Media Personality 

Who is Chad Franke?

Born on February 2, 2005, Chad Franke is the son of popular YouTube personality Ruby Franke and her husband, Kevin Franke.

Chad Franke rose to prominence as one of the offspring showcased on the renowned parenting YouTube channel “8 Passengers.” 

Originating from Seattle, Washington, in the United States, Chad grew up in a well-established family. He proudly identifies with American nationality and adheres to the Christian faith. 

Who is Chad Franke

As of 2024, Chad Franke stands at 19 years old. Chad is a key participant in the channel, predominantly managed by his mother, Ruby Franke.

The channel serves as a documentation of the daily lives and adventures of the Franke family, featuring Chad alongside his five siblings. 

It was in 2020 that Chad gained increased recognition when a video in which he candidly discussed his situation went viral. 

This particular video sparked widespread concern and discussions among viewers and fans, bringing Chad into the limelight within the YouTube community.

His Mother- Ruby Franke

His mother, Ruby Franke, was born to parents Jennifer and Chad Griffiths. They reside privately and have remained largely out of the public eye. 

Ruby Franke

Ruby Franke has three sisters who are also parenting influencers on YouTube.

His Father- Kevin Franke

Kevin Franke is the husband of Ruby Franke, who was known for their family YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” which featured their six children. 

Kevin Franke

The couple’s strict parenting style and the treatment of their children came under scrutiny, leading to Ruby’s arrest and subsequent sentencing for child abuse. 

Kevin filed for divorce from Ruby amid the allegations, and he has not been charged with any crime

What Happened to Chad Franke?

In May 2020, Ruby Franke shared a video on her 8 Passengers YouTube channel discussing her children’s activities. 

In the video, 15-year-old Chad Franke commented that his room had been taken away for seven months due to playing pranks on his brother, Russell, resulting in him sleeping on a beanbag since October.

What Happened to Chad Franke

Ruby later clarified that Chad and Russell used to share a room, but Chad was separated on a therapist’s recommendation, with the option to sleep on an inflatable mattress.

Concerns from fans arose, given the channel’s history of controversies related to child abuse. A petition with over 17,800 signatures prompted a visit from child protection services.

According to Ruby and Kevin, the now-deleted video was initially meant to showcase a bedroom reveal, with Chad excited about putting up LED lights and giving his room a makeover. 

However, the decision to separate Chad was made due to years of “physical and emotionally damaging behavior” directed towards his siblings.

That now-deleted video prompted Child Protective Services to contact his family. Following this, his mother, Ruby Franke, faced allegations of child abuse, leading to her arrest in August 2023. 

Although specific details about Chad’s current location and circumstances are not publicly disclosed, recent VSCO pictures shared on Reddit have offered glimpses of him enjoying life. 

These images have provided some reassurance to fans and followers concerned about his well-being.

Chad Franke’s Educational Journey

Chad’s educational journey has led him to attend a local high school in Utah, United States. His family moved to the state a few years after his birth. 

From a young age, he had a keen interest in extracurricular activities, and soon, he became a part of his parents’ YouTube channel known as “8 Passengers.” 

This channel features Chad as one of the six children who make regular appearances in the videos, contributing to its content and engagement with viewers.

Professional Career

Chad Franke launched his YouTube career as a member of the “8 Passengers” channel, originally initiated by his parents and featuring contributions from his siblings. 

Professional Career of chad franke

Their inaugural video, titled “The Making of Eve,” marked the beginning of their journey in 2015.

Apart from his involvement with “8 Passengers,” Chad expanded his content creation to his personal YouTube channel, appropriately named after himself. 

On this channel, he shares a diverse collection of engaging and entertaining short videos, garnering a sizable following of subscribers eager to consume his content. 

Beyond YouTube, Chad has successfully built a significant fan base across various other social media platforms.

Personal Life and Relationships

Chad Franke is presently in a romantic relationship with Kesley LeRoy, a well-known social media personality in the United States. 

As of the latest available information, Chad remains unmarried. He is channeling his energy into family, career growth, and his connection with Kesley LeRoy.

Chad Franke’s Siblings

Chad is not the sole offspring; he shares the familial spotlight with five siblings who have actively participated in the family’s YouTube venture, “8 Passengers.” 

Chad Franke’s Siblings

From his brother Russell Franke to his sisters Shari Franke, Abby Franke, Julie Franke, and Eve Franke, each family member contributes to the channel’s content, fostering engagement with their audience.

Shari Franke

Ruby and Kevin’s eldest child, Shari, entered the world in March 2003, becoming a central figure in the family’s YouTube channel. 

The channel extensively documented Shari’s interests, ranging from her prowess in softball to her swift solves of the Rubik’s cube and more.

In 2018, Shari took a significant step by launching her channel on the platform. However, by the time of Ruby’s arrest, Shari had become estranged from her mother. 

Responding to the turn of events on Instagram, she expressed relief, stating, “Finally.” Updating her followers on her mental health in October, Shari credited therapy for saving her.

Abby Franke

In April 2007, Ruby added another member to the family, giving birth to her third child, daughter Abby. 

The family’s YouTube channel became a platform to document the teenager’s struggles with skin issues. Ruby compassionately filmed episodes detailing Abby’s “physically painful” breakouts.

In a resurfaced video, Ruby expressed her pride in Abby, commending her for remaining grounded despite the challenges. 

Ruby’s message transcended the physical, emphasizing that what truly matters in life is not external appearances but rather one’s inner character.

Julie Franke

Julie became a part of the family in January 2009 and received her name in honor of one of her aunts.

In her confession, Ruby acknowledged confessing to labeling one of her sons as “evil and possessed” and administering punishment to aid him in “repentance.” 

She also admitted to repeating similar actions with one of her daughters. However, the mother of six did not specify which daughter she was referring to.

Russell Franke

Russell, the youngest son of Ruby and Kevin, entered the world in July 2011.

In a video that has since been removed, the proud father commended the “mature” qualities of the little one, highlighting his “ability to empathize and connect with other people” as they celebrated his birthday.

Ruby, on her end, expressed her admiration, stating, “I appreciate Russell’s sincerity. I believe he wouldn’t even know how to tell a lie if he attempted. He’s incredibly honest.”

Eve Franke

In September 2013, Ruby and Kevin welcomed their sixth child, a daughter named Eve.

On a notable occasion, Eve unintentionally left her school lunch behind, sparking headlines when 

Ruby, to impart a lesson, chose not to deliver it to her.

Chad Franke’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Chad Franke has amassed an approximate net worth of $1 million. 

His earnings primarily come from advertisements showcased on his individual YouTube channel and the family-managed YouTube channel, “8 Passengers.”

Where is Chad Franke Now?

As of the latest available information, specific details about Chad Franke’s current location and circumstances have not been disclosed publicly. 

While there is curiosity about Chad’s present circumstances, respecting privacy and the sensitive nature of the Franke family events might limit the public disclosure of his current details and status.

In such instances, it is crucial to respect individuals’ privacy, especially when they are navigating sensitive and potentially distressing situations.