Robyn Somerhalder: Who Is Ian Somerhalder’s Younger Sister?

Robyn Somerhalder is famously known as the younger sister of renowned American actor Ian Somerhalder. The siblings are known to have a close bond with each other. She is a journalist and mostly prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Robyn Somerhalder is the sister of Ian Somerhalder. Her brother, Ian Somerhalder is a famous American actor well-known for his roles in iconic series such as “The Vampire Diaries,” “Lost” and many more. 

Despite being associated with such a prominent figure, Robyn lived a low-key lifestyle. There needs to be more information available about her in the public domain. 

In this article, we will explore Robyn’s early life, her famous siblings, her parents, her personal life, her career, her net worth, and more.

Quick Bio

Full NameRobyn Somerhalder
Famous asIan Somerhalder’s Sister
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthCovington, Louisiana, USA
Marital StatusUnknown
MotherEdna Somerhalder
FatherRobert Somerhalder
SiblingIan Somerhalder, Robert Somerhalder jr
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Net WorthN/A

Early Life And Family

Robyn Somerhalder was born and raised in Covington, Louisiana, United States. She is the daughter of Edna Somerhalder and Robert Somerhalder. 

Her mother, Edna Somerhalder was a massage therapist from Mississippi, while her father Robert Somerhalder was an independent building contractor. 

When Robyn was quite young, her parents got divorced and she and her siblings had to live with their mother. There is not much information available about her educational journey.

Age And Nationality

Robyn Somerhalder’s exact birthdate is not available in the media, making it hard to determine her age. On the other hand, being born in the United States, she holds American nationality.

Her Parents

Robyn’s mother, Edna Somerhalder was a massage therapist from Mississippi. On the other hand, her father Robert Somerhalder was an independent building contractor. 

Her Parents

After the divorce, Edna took the children with her and raised them alone. The reason behind their divorce was never revealed to the public.

Physical Attributes

Robyn is a gorgeous lady. Just like her brother, Ian Somerhalder is known for his striking looks, Robyn has undeniably attractive features too. She has luscious blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. 

Physical Attributes

Robyn’s Famous Brother: Ian Somerhalder 

Robyn Somerhalder’s brother, Ian Somerhalder was born in Louisiana on December 8, 1978. He started modeling at the young age of 10 to 13 and later entered acting when he was 17. 

Robyn’s Famous Brother Ian Somerhalder 

Ian’s debut acting role was in the series “Young Americans,” which only lasted for eight episodes before getting canceled in 2000. He rose to fame with the success of the ABC series “Lost.” 

In 2009, Ian was cast in “The Vampire Diaries,” playing the role of Damon Salvatore, and later became a regular on the show.  

His incredible performance made him win several Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award. He also directed The Vampire Diaries in the third season and produced the show in its eighth season. 

Who Is Her Older Brother?

Robyn Somerhalder’s other older brother is Robert Somerhalder. He is the oldest of the three siblings. Robert and his brother, Ian are the co-owners of Built of Barnwood. 

Who Is Her Older Brother

Their business is based on using recycled barn wood to make furniture out of it and selling it.

Her Personal Life

Robyn has never disclosed any details about her personal life in front of the media. Her relationship status has been uncertain. 

She has never made any appearances alongside her husband or boyfriend. Some sources claim that Roby has a family of her own but it cannot be confirmed whether she has any children or not.

Robyn Somerhalder’s Social Media

Robyn Somerhalder does have social media accounts but she mostly maintains a low profile by keeping them private. 

Her Instagram account under the handle @robynsomerhalder is set to private yet she has 0 posts and 441 followers. 

Robyn has written “Proud sister of @iansomerhalder ♥ I love you big bro! :’)” in her bio, which shows the close bond the siblings share.

Professional Journey

There is very little information available about Robyn Somerhalder’s career path. According to some sources, she is currently working as a journalist. 

However, due to a lack of information, Robyn’s professional journey remains largely undocumented.

Net Worth

Robyn Somerhalder’s net worth cannot be determined since there is not much information available about her career, salary, or assets. 

In contrast, her brother, Ian Somerhalder has a net worth of $12 million which was earned through his incredible acting career.