Laurence K. Avanzino: The Story Of Kathy Hilton’s Father

Laurence K. Avanzino is famous as the father of Kathy Hilton and maternal grandfather of Paris Hilton. 

In 1959, he tied the knot with Sharon Kathleen, and together they welcomed their daughter, Kathy Hilton into the world. 

Sadly, Laurence K. Avanzino passed away on February 18, 1997, at the age of 61. Despite his significant family connections, limited information about his life is available in the media. 

In this article, we will explore Laurence’s early years, his famous daughter and granddaughter, family dynamics, his career, his net worth, and more.

Quick Bio

Full NameLaurence Kenneth “Larry” Avanzino
Famous asKathy Hilton’s Father
Date of BirthDecember 26, 1935
Place of BirthBoston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Date of DeathFebruary 18, 1997
Place of DeathProvidence, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA
Death at the Age61
Zodiac SignSagittarius
SpousesKathleen Richards, Diane Campisi
ChildrenKathy Hilton
GrandchildrenParis Hilton, Nicholai Olivia Rothschild, Conrad Hughes Hilton, Barron Hilton II
ParentsLaurence Avanzino, Elizabeth Avanzino
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Net WorthN/A

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Early Life

Laurence K. Avanzino was born on December 26, 1935, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. His parents are Laurence Avanzino and Elizabeth Avanzino. 

Larry led a remarkably private life, hiding his personal details from the public eye. His wife, Big Kathy, hinted at his upbringing, suggesting he was spoiled by his parents. 

However, details regarding his early life and education are unavailable in the public domain, though it’s known he studied at Long Island University.

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Age And Nationality

Laurence K. Avanzino, born on December 26, 1935, passed away at the age of 61 in 1997. His zodiac sign was Sagittarius. Being born in the United States, he held American nationality.

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Ex-Wife: Who Was Kathleen Richards?

Kathleen Mary Dugan, affectionately known as “Big Kathy,” was the mother of Kathy Hilton. 

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Ex-Wife Who Was Kathleen Richards

She was renowned for her roles as a former actress, businesswoman, and television personality, notably appearing on the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” 

Initially married to Larry Avanzino, Kathleen Mary Dugan welcomed a daughter named Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino, who would later adopt the name Kathy Hilton. 

After her divorce from Laurence K. Avanzino, Kathleen Mary Dugan tied the knot with Kenneth E. Richards, who had three grown children from a previous marriage. 

Kathleen passed away on March 2, 2002, at the age of 64, losing her battle against breast cancer.

Laurence K. Avanzino Was Kathleen Richards’ First Love

Laurence K. Avanzino shared a brief yet impactful connection with Kathleen Richards, even though she went on to marry others, including Ken Richards, Jack Catain, and Robert Fenton. 

However, Larry remained her first love. They met for the first time in 1957, when Larry was attending Long Island University

Described as strikingly handsome, tall, muscular, and blonde by Big Kathy’s sister Adele, Larry’s charm and charisma charmed those around him. 

Despite having manipulative tendencies, Big Kathy fell head over heels for Larry upon their first meeting, drawn to his magnetic personality and undeniable charm.

Laurence K. Avanzino And Kathleen Richards’ Marriage

Despite their families’ wishes for a grand wedding, Laurence K. Avanzino And Kathleen Richards decided to elope, causing huge trouble. 

Their impulsive nature was evident when they spontaneously got married at a church while en route to visit a friend at the hospital. 

Ken, Larry’s brother, reflected on their surprising actions, emphasizing their unpredictable nature. 

Despite their initial romance, their marriage was rough, marked by heated arguments followed by passionate reconciliations. 

Big Kathy’s family arranged a grand Catholic wedding after Kathy’s birth, but the couple’s incompatibility soon became apparent. 

Larry remarried twice, having more children, while his second wife, Diane Campisi, said that Kathy Hilton’s life had little connection to Larry aside from genetics.

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Famous Daughter: Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton was born Kathleen Elizabeth Hilton (née Avanzino) on March 13, 1959. She is famous as an American socialite, fashion designer, actress, and television personality. 

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Famous Daughter Kathy Hilton

Her upbringing in a wealthy family laid the foundation for her social prominence, which increased after her marriage to Richard Hilton, who was the son of another wealthy family. 

Kathy is also famous as the mother of socialite Paris Hilton and fashion designer Nicky Hilton, further solidifying her public image. 

Additionally, she shares family ties with reality TV personalities Kim Richards and Kyle Richards. Kathy’s diverse career includes acting, fashion design, and philanthropy. 

Her television appearances and charitable works highlight her dynamic presence in both entertainment and philanthropy.

Laurence K. Avanzino Had An Addiction Problem

Laurence K. Avanzino was born into privilege, and in his youth, he got involved in early indulgence in alcohol and reckless behavior. 

His wild adventures and risky driving habits often brought him very close to tragedy. Unfortunately, his struggles with alcohol continued into adulthood, with the habit intensifying over the years. 

Even in his late fifties, Larry found himself in violent altercations, one of which left him unconscious. 

Big Kathy, who had once loved Larry, visited him before his passing, only to be disturbed by the sight of his miserable condition.

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Career

There is limited information available about Laurence K. Avanzino’s professional journey. Some sources suggest he worked as a painter and decorator, but specific details are hard to find. 

However, as mentioned before, he is widely recognized as the maternal grandfather of Paris Hilton and the father of Kathy Hilton. 

Despite the lack of detailed information, Avanzino’s connection to prominent figures like Kathy and Paris Hilton undoubtedly shapes his legacy.

Laurence K. Avanzino’s Net Worth

Laurence K. Avanzino’s net worth remains unavailable due to limited media coverage of his career and assets. In contrast, his daughter Kathy Hilton’s net worth is estimated at approximately $350 million. 

Kathy has earned this wealth through her diverse professional journey which includes working as an actress, fashion designer, and philanthropist.

What Happened To Laurence K. Avanzino?

Laurence K. Avanzino passed away on February 18, 1997, at 61, in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. 

Through his daughter Kathy Hilton and grandchildren including Paris Hilton, Larry left a memorable legacy in the entertainment industry.