John Paul Sarkisian: The Untold Truth About Cher’s Father

John Paul Sarkisian (1926–1985) was the father of the famous pop star Cher and ex-husband of songwriter, model, and actress Georgia Holt.

Cher, celebrated as the “Goddess of Pop,” stands as a testament to female autonomy in an industry historically dominated by men.

She Was Born with a distinctive contralto singing voice, she has established herself as one of the world’s best-selling music artists with over 100 million records sales. However, the role of John Paul Sarkisian in his daughter’s life remains mysterious.

Quick Bio

NameJohn Paul Sarkisian
Date of BirthMarch 23, 1926
Place of BirthOakland, Alameda County, California, USA
ParentsGeorge Sarkisian and Blanche Dilkian
SiblingsLouise B. SarkisianF. Elizabeth SarkisianVardan Sarkisian Queenie Elizabeth Sarkisian Roxanne SarkisianLucy Sarkisian
SpouseGeorgia Holt
ChildrenCherylin Sarkisian, John Sarkisian
DeathJanuary 28, 1985
BurialFresno, Fresno County, California, USA 

Who are John Paul Sarkisian’s Parents? 

Hailing from Armenian-American roots, John Paul Sarkisian was born to George Sarkisian and Blanche Dilkian. Ghiragos George Sarkisian was born on March 1, 1900, and Siranoush Blanche Sarkisian was born on March 20, 1908.

He faced some family complexities, including his parents’ divorce and his mother’s remarriage to Carl Yegan.

Siblings of John Paul Sarkisian

John is said to have two siblings, Lucy Sarkisian Mirgian and Roxanne Sarkisian Hopkins, along with half-siblings Louise Voutsinas, Elizabeth, Dick, Harry Yegan, and Pearl Najimian. Not much is known about his relationship with his siblings.

Occupational Journey

John Paul Sarkisian’s career trajectory was diverse. He assumed various roles, from truck driver to bartender, auto mechanic to hairstylist, and even horse breeding. He was basically a truck driver, and his father even bought five trucks to set up a business for him. 

Marriage to Georgia Holt

Jackie Jean Crouch (1926-2022), known as Georgia Holt, was an acclaimed singer, songwriter, model, and actress.

Marriage to Georgia Holt

John’s life intersected fatefully with Georgia Holt, and they got married in 1946. The couple faced the trials of divorce in 1947, only to reunite and part ways again in 1966.

They had one daughter together, Cherylin Sarkisian, who later captivated the world with her talent.

John Paul Sarkisian Childrens

John Paul Sarkisian had several children, including a daughter, Cher, and a son named John Sarkisian. Details of his other children remain undocumented.

Relationship with His Daughter Cher

Cher’s early life was not without struggles, as her mother, Georgia, a single parent after the divorce, faced challenges that led to Cher spending time in an orphanage. Cher had openly talked about her tumultuous relationship with her father.

John’s perceived absence during the crucial moments of Cher’s life had attributed to a strain in their father-daughter bond.

Cher mentioned that her father’s presence often brought problems rather than solace. John also admitted that he lost track of Cher after his divorce, and this loss of contact led to hostility in their relationship.

Legal Battles

This father-daughter relationship was further damaged when John Paul sued Cher and two tabloids for a staggering $4 million over statements that he believed were hurtful and damaging to his reputation.

John Paul Sarkisian acknowledged his past gambling and drug habits but also defended his subsequent efforts to lead an “exemplary, pious, and noble life” for several years. However, the outcome of this legal action did not go in his favor. All this ultimately resulted in Cher disowning her father.

Death and Burial of John Paul Sarkisian

John Paul Sarkisian died on January 28, 1985, and is buried at Fresno Memorial Garden, Fresno County, California, USA. What happened to Cher’s father is not known, as the cause of death was not revealed. 

Georgia Holt died at the age of 96 on December 10, 2022, in Malibu, California, USA. Cher confirmed her mother’s death on social media.