Drew Ann Reid: Insight Into The Life Of Andy Reid’s Daughter

Drew Ann Reid has become a notable figure in the spotlight as the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and his wife, Tammy Reid. 

Known for their strong ties to football, the Reid family has seen some members follow in Andy’s coaching footsteps. Despite her family’s football fame, Drew Ann has managed to maintain a private life, focusing on her passion for sports and athletics.

This article delves into Drew Ann’s early life, education, personal life, and role in supporting her family’s football legacy.

Quick Bio

NameDrew Ann Reid
Age32 years (as of 2024)
Famous asAndy Reid’s Daughter
Birth Year1992
Place of BirthUnited States of America
ParentsAndy Reid, Tammy Reid
SiblingsCrosby, Spencer, Garrett, and Britt
SpouseDevin Woodhouse
ChildrenBlake, Reid, and Brigitte

Early Life and Family

Drew Ann Reid, born in 1992, grew up as the daughter of NFL coach Andy Reid and Tammy Reid. With two sisters and two brothers, she was immersed in a family dedicated to football.

Drew Ann Reid was born in the United States of America and spent her early life with her siblings and parents. Her ethnicity and nationality are Caucasian and American respectively.

While specific details of her early years are unknown, Drew Ann Reid gained prominence from her family’s sporting eminence.

Drew Ann Reid’s Famous Father- Andy Reid

Andrew Walter Reid, born on March 19, 1958, has made a lasting impact as an American football coach, especially in the National Football League (NFL).

Andy Reid embarked on his coaching career in 1992 as the offensive assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers, where he contributed to their Super Bowl victory. 

Drew Ann Reid's Famous Father- Andy Reid

His success caught the attention of the Philadelphia Eagles, leading to his appointment as their head coach in 1999.

During his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles, Reid held various pivotal roles, including general manager and executive vice president, overseeing all football operations for the team.

In 2013, Andy Reid assumed the role of head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, ushering in a new era for the team. 

Andy Reid, a Los Angeles native, attended high school in the city and began his journey in sports as a vendor at the Dodgers stadium during his teenage years. 

His remarkable coaching legacy continues to shape the narrative of the Reid family in football.

Drew Ann Reid’s Mother- Tammy Reid

Tammy Reid, the beloved wife of famous American football coach Andy Reid, was born on November 6, 1959. 

Drew Ann Reid's Mother- Tammy Reid

Their strong connection, which started in 1981, has lasted more than four decades, showcasing their enduring bond. 

Tammy has played a crucial role in supporting Andy throughout his impressive coaching career in the NFL.

Aside from being a supportive partner, Tammy is also actively helping others. She has made meaningful contributions to their community through her involvement in various philanthropic activities. 

Tammy’s dedication to making a positive impact not only on her family but also on those around her demonstrates a genuine commitment to kindness and generosity.

Educational Journey

After completing high school at Harriton High School, Drew Ann pursued higher education at Brigham Young University, majoring in Kinesiology. 

This choice aligns with her family’s commitment to sports and football, focusing on human movement, performance, and physical activity.

Professional Path and Engagement in Football

While details about Drew Ann Reid’s professional life remain limited, her family background suggests a strong connection to football. 

She completed her higher education with a major in Kinesiology, positioning her well for roles related to strength and conditioning in football.

Given her family’s ties to the NFL, it’s plausible that Drew Ann has been involved in various aspects of football, contributing to her father’s teams or other sports organizations. 

Her unique position as Andy Reid’s daughter and her education in Kinesiology make her well-equipped for roles related to strength and conditioning in football.

Personal Details- Height and Weight

Born in 1992, Drew Ann Reid is currently in her 30s. Standing at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, she maintains an average physique for her age.

Her charming brown eyes complement her appearance, and she weighs approximately 65 kg. 

Drew Ann Reid’s Siblings

Drew Ann Reid belongs to a close-knit family of five siblings, each charting their distinct paths. 

Garrett Reid

Garrett Reid, the oldest son of Andy Reid and Drew Ann’s elder brother, tragically passed away while assisting his father at a training camp for the school squad. 

Garrett Reid

His untimely death was a result of a severe heroin addiction that deeply affected his young life.

Britt Reid

Another brother, Britt, treads the NFL path as a defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Britt Reid

Yet, he faced legal consequences from a car accident that caused severe injuries to a young girl in early 2021.

Spencer Reid

Drew Ann’s brother Spencer remains more elusive. His life and pursuits remain a mystery yet contribute to the collective Reid bond.

Spencer Reid

Crosby Reid

Crosby, the daughter of Andy Reid, gained recognition due to her father’s esteemed position as the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Crosby Reid

In 2015, Crosby had the privilege of singing the national anthem before a game featuring her father’s team. Born in 1988, she is currently 36 years old.

Marriage to Devin Woodhouse

Drew Ann Reid’s journey to finding love led her to Devin Woodhouse, a skilled strength and conditioning specialist born in 1990.

Marriage to Devin Woodhouse

Devin Woodhouse pursued Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Utah Valley University, showcasing his dedication to the field.

Devin currently serves as the Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach for FC Dallas, a notable Major League Soccer (MLS) team. 

His proficiency and unwavering commitment in this role underscore his valuable contributions to professional sports.

Drew Ann Reid and Devin Woodhouse’s Love Story

Drew’s journey to love brought her to Brigham Young University, where fate intervened, and their mutual connections brought Drew and Devin together.

Drew Ann Reid and Devin Woodhouse's Love Story

As their connection deepened, Devin proposed a few months into their relationship, sealing their commitment in September 2012.

Drew and Devin have celebrated eight wonderful years of marriage, blessed with three children – Blake, Reid, and Brigitte. 

Deeply rooted in faith, Drew Ann and Devin are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their faith significantly influences their lives, shaping their values and guiding their family dynamics.

Social Media Presence 

Drew Ann Reid maintains a modest presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, offering glimpses into her personal life. 

She engages with followers, sharing updates and memories with her family and friends.

Philanthropy and Other Interests

In philanthropy, Drew Ann supports family-focused charities and engages in local community initiatives. 

While not as outspoken as some philanthropists, her commitment to making a positive impact is evident through her actions and support for causes aligned with her family’s values.

Drew Ann’s passion for sports extends beyond football, particularly enjoying racquet sports like tennis and racquetball. 

With a background in Exercise Science, she advocates for a healthy lifestyle and regularly shares insights on health, fitness, and sports performance on her social media.

Drew Ann Reid’s Net Worth

Drew, recognized as the daughter of a prominent figure, has chosen to keep her professional pursuits under wraps, leaving her exact net worth in mystery. While actively involved in her career, she likely earns a significant income.

On the other hand, her renowned father, Andy Reid, enjoys a substantial net worth of $30 million, with an impressive yearly salary of approximately $8 million.

Where is Drew Ann Reid Now?

Drew Ann Reid and her husband embarked on a new journey in Kansas City, Missouri, where they celebrated the birth of their first child, Blake Elizabeth Woodhouse, on February 23, 2016.

Their second child, Reid, arrived on a date kept close to their hearts, adding to the joy of their growing family. 

Grounded in their faith, the couple are devoted members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, guiding their family with strong Christian values.

Drew focuses on nurturing their children, while Devin shares his passion for football during their leisure time. 

Their family dynamic is a beautiful blend of love, care, and fun, creating a sense of peace and fulfillment in their lives.