Antonia Valli: All About Frankie Valli’s Daughter

Antonia Valli became famous because of her father, Frankie Valli. He was a famous singer and actor in America.

Some of Frankie Valli’s popular songs include “Sherry” (1962), “Walk Like a Man” (1963), “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (1967), and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (1962).

In this article, let’s have a look into the life of Frankie Valli’s daughter, Antonia Valli.

Quick Bio

Full NameAntonia Valli
Famous AsDaughter of Frankie Valli
Date of BirthN/A
Place of BirthNew York City
Zodiac SignN/A
ParentsFrankie Valli and Mary Mandel
Grand Parents Anthony Castelluccio and  Mary Rinaldi
SpouseGerry Polci
SiblingsCelia Sabin ValliFrancine ValliFrancesco Valli Jr.Emilio ValliBrando Valli
Net Worth$80 million

Who is Antonia Valli?

Antonia Valli is an American national and holds Caucasian ethnicity. She is from New York City where she was both born and raised. 

Her exact date of birth remains undisclosed. Born to Frankie Valli and Mary Mandel, Antonia grew up in a beautiful household.

Who is Antonia Valli

She has five siblings. Sadly, her older sister, Francine, died when she was a child.

Antonia has avoided discussing her upbringing and educational background. Therefore, much information is not present about her early life.

Antonia Valli’s Height and Weight

Antonia’s Valli’s height and weight are not known, however we do know that she has a fair complexion and brown eyes.

Antonia Valli’s Height and Weight

Professional Career

There is not a lot of information present about Antonia’s profession , but her father, Frankie Valli, is a famous singer in America. 

As a private person, Antonia has not shared anything about her profession. She has kept this information to herself.

Her Father- Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli’s real name is Francesco Stephen Castelluccio. He is an American singer known for being the main singer of the Four Seasons since 1960.

Her Father- Frankie Valli

He became famous in 1962 with songs like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” 

Valli’s singing career has lasted for many years, with lots of popular songs and hits. In 1990, he was given a special award and became part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

His life and music have been shown in different shows, like the Tony-winning musical Jersey Boys. This has made people interested in his classic songs again.

Antonia’s Father, Frankie Valli’s Relationships

Frankie Valli has been in various relationships. He was married to Mary Mandel from 1953 to 1971. They had two daughters together, Francine and Antonia.

After he separated from Mandel, Valli married MaryAnn Hannagan in 1974. They got divorced in 1979.

Then, he married Randy Clohessy in 1984. They had three sons together, named Brando, Francesco, and Emilio.

Currently, Frankie Valli is dating Jackie Jacobs.

Her Mother- Mary Mandel

Mary Mandel is also known as Mary Delgado. She was married to Frankie Valli for 18 years, from 1957 to 1971.

They had two daughters together. Additionally, Mary had a daughter named Celia from a previous relationship, whom Valli considered his stepdaughter. 

After they broke up, Mandel went through the very sad experience of losing her daughter Celia in an accident in 1980. 

Then, their daughter Francine died because she took too many drugs six months later. Mary Mandel died on May 10, 2007.

Antonia Valli’s Grandparents 

Antonia’s grandparents were Anthony Castelluccio and Mary Rinaldi. 

Anthony worked as a barber and made displays for Lionel model trains. Mary took care of the home and also worked at a beer company.

Frankie Valli started liking singing when he was young. His mom took him to see Frank Sinatra perform at the Paramount.

When he was beginning his career, Frankie Valli took his stage name “Valli” from a female singer he admired named “Texas” Jean Valli, who sang hillbilly music.

Antonia Valli’s Siblings

Celia Sabin Valli

Celia Sabin Valli was born in 1954 as the son of Mary Mandel and her former husband. After Frankie Valli married Mandel in 1957, he became Celia’s stepfather.

Sadly, Celia died in February 1980 because of an accident.

In an interview in 2013, Frankie Valli said losing a child is something you never really get over.

Francine Valli

Francine Valli is the second daughter of Frankie and Mandel Valli. She was born in Newark in 1960. She went to Bloomfield High School.

Unfortunately, just six months after her sister Celia died, Francine also passed away. 

It was on August 16, 1980, when she was 20 years old. She died by accident from taking too many drugs.

Francine was known for being talented like her father in music. She had made recordings and was getting ready to start her own music career. She was even set to go on tour with her father.

The sad story of Francine’s death is shown in the musical “Jersey Boys.” In the musical, Frankie gets a very upsetting phone call about his daughter.

Francesco Valli Jr.

During Frankie Valli’s marriage to his third wife, Randy Clohessy, they had three sons.

Their oldest son, Francesco Valli Jr., was born in 1988. He acts in TV shows like “Full House” and movies like “The House Bunny” and “Reach Me.”

Francesco Valli Jr.

But, Frankie and Clohessy had problems in their marriage, and they separated in 2004.

Their divorce became contentious and even reached the California Supreme Court over issues related to community property.

Frankie’s friend, Stewie Stone, spoke about the challenges of the breakup, particularly concerning their sons. 

During that period, Francesco was a 20-year-old college student. Stone mentioned that Frankie didn’t have as much time with his children as he desired. 

Frankie found it challenging without the children at home, as he missed their noise and presence.

Emilio Valli

Emilio Valli, one of Frankie Valli’s twin sons, was born in 1995 in Calabasas, California. His dad is Frankie Valli, and his mom is Randy Clohessy.

When he was growing up, Emilio, along with his twin brother Brando Valli, was surrounded by music because their dad was famous in the Four Seasons band.

Emilio went to school at New York University for film and later went to the Los Angeles Film School. But instead of pursuing a career in film, he decided to become a realtor in Malibu, California.

As of 2024, Emilio is 29 years old and is close to his brothers and sisters.

Emilio and Brando Valli

Brando Valli

One of Frankie Valli’s sons, Brando Valli, is now part of the music industry. His songs, like “Imagine” with Karra and “Numb With U,” are available on platforms like TIDAL, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Brando Valli’s music shows his talent and how much he cares about his work. He gives listeners something unique to enjoy.

He also has a website where fans can listen to his music and find out about his latest songs and projects.

Antonia Valli’s Spouse- Gerry Polci

Antonia Valli, also known as Toni, married Gerry Polci, in New Jersey. He is a member of her father’s band,

Antonia Valli’s Spouse- Gerry Polci

They have a relationship that relates to the music world through their connection to Frankie Valli and his musical legacy.

Antonia and Gerry’s Children

Antonia Valli has two children Olivia Valli and Dario Valli.

Olivia Valli

Antonia Valli’s daughter, Olivia Valli, decided to follow in her famous grandfather’s footsteps and pursue a career in entertainment.She’s an actress. 

Olivia Valli

Olivia acted as her grandmother, Mary Mandel, in the off-Broadway show “Jersey Boys” in 2019.

Later that same year, she became part of the cast of the Broadway version of “Jersey Boys.” 

Olivia’s role was significant because she was the first person to play a family member on Broadway.

Dario Valli

Antonia Valli’s son, Dario Valli, is a DJ and music producer from New Jersey. He’s famous in the music world. 

Dario Valli

Dario has been mixing music since 2011, getting ideas from his grandfather, Frankie Valli, who is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As a DJ and music producer, Dario makes mashups and his own songs. He shares his talent on websites like SoundCloud and Twitter.

Antonia Valli’s Net Worth

Antonia Valli’s job is not known to the public, so it’s hard to say how much net worth she has.

But because her dad, Frankie Valli, is said to have more than $80 million, she probably lives comfortably.