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Buddy Wahlberg: Lesser Known Details About Mark Wahlberg’s Brother

Buddy Wahlberg: Lesser Known Details About Mark Wahlberg’s Brother

Buddy Wahlberg

Buddy Wahlberg may not be a household name like his older brothers Mark and Donnie, but he comes from an impressive Hollywood family. As one of nine children born to Donald and Alma Wahlberg, Buddy grew up with his famous siblings and has made some acting appearances over the years.

Early Life and Family

Buddy’s exact age is unknown, but he is estimated to be around 45-50 years old as of 2021. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts to parents Donald, a delivery driver, and Alma, a bank clerk and nurse’s aide.

Buddy has eight siblings: Mark, Donnie, Paul, Jim, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, and Debbie. The family endured hardships as the children were growing up in inner city Boston. Buddy’s parents divorced in 1982 after 17 years of marriage. His father Donald died in 2008 at the age of 78.

Buddy’s mother Alma inspired the 2021 film Blue Bloods. She raised her nine children after her divorce from their father.

Acting Career

While not having as extensive of an acting resume as Mark and Donnie, Buddy has appeared in several films alongside his siblings. He had minor roles in Mark’s films The Fighter, Ted 2, Daddy’s Home 2, and the HBO series Ballers.

Buddy also appeared briefly in the Netflix film Spenser Confidential starring Mark. He attended the premiere with his mother Alma and brother Jim.

In 2013, Buddy acted in the fitness documentary Pain & Gain based on the true story of the Sun Gym gang led by Daniel Lugo. He played Frank Griga, one of Lugo’s victims in the kidnapping scheme.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Buddy’s personal life as he keeps a low profile compared to his celebrity brothers. While it’s known he is married, details about his wife and any children are kept private.

Buddy maintains a simple lifestyle and hasn’t sought out fame and fortune like Mark and Donnie. He enjoys spending time with his large family.

Buddy Wahlberg Net Worth

While his net worth isn’t public knowledge, Buddy is estimated to have around $10 million according to some reports. Most of his wealth likely comes from minor acting roles and from being a member of the successful Wahlberg family.

He lives comfortably but doesn’t flaunt lavish spending like his actor brothers who have higher net worths. Mark Wahlberg’s net worth is around $300 million, while Donnie’s is $25 million.

Maintaining Privacy

Unlike many celebrity siblings, Buddy doesn’t have public social media profiles. He values his privacy, which allows him to live a more low-key life out of the spotlight.

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While he supports his brothers’ careers, Buddy has chosen not to seek fame for himself. He makes occasional acting appearances with his siblings but avoids interviews, red carpets, and promoting himself.

Buddy prefers to keep his personal life private as well, with little known about his marriage, children, or friendships. He maintains a small inner circle and close family life.

A Tight-Knit Family

While the Wahlberg siblings endured many challenges growing up, they have remained close as adults. Buddy and his siblings often get together for family events and holidays.

In 2021, Buddy attended the premiere of Blue Bloods with brothers Jim and Donnie and their mother Alma. Family is very important to the Wahlbergs, and Buddy continues to play an integral part as the siblings support each other’s careers and life milestones.

Though Buddy isn’t a celebrity himself, he remains grounded in his famous family’s roots. He shies away from fame but makes time for his siblings and parents when it really counts. Buddy may not make many headlines, but he represents the integral familial bonds of the Wahlbergs.

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