Noah Lee Ritter: Hidden Details About John Ritter’s Daughter

Being the beloved child of the popular American performer John and actress Amy, Stella’s smile and presence have captured numerous hearts. Furthermore, on her eighteenth birthday, Noah Lee fearlessly embraced a new gender and caused shockwaves worldwide. Let’s discover more details about Noah! 

Quick Stats 

Name Noah Lee Ritter
Birth Date September 11, 1998
Birth place Burbank, California, USA
Mother Amy Yasbeck
FatherJohn Ritter
Half-Siblings Carly Ritter, Jason Ritter and Tyler Ritter.
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Virgo
Relationship Status Not known 
Net Worth 2023 $5 million 

Who Is Noah Lee Ritter? 

Noah Lee Ritter, the only kid of the famous American performer John and actress Amy Yasbeck, has transitioned to become transgender. He is now identified as FTM (Female-to-Male) transgender. He was born on September 11, 1998, in, California, USA.

Noah Lee Ritter Age 

Noah is 25 years old as of now. He has spent 6 years since officially transitioning his gender from Stella to Noah Ritter. He holds the Zodiac sign of Virgo and is an American citizen of mixed race.

Noah Lee Ritter Educational Highlights

Online sources provide limited information about Stella (Noah)’s educational journey. However, it is known that he graduated from high school in Santa Monica, California, and during that time, he showed an interest in economics and briefly explored dancing.

Regarding his university education, Noah deliberately keeps a low profile, intentionally avoiding public attention. This decision protects him from being constantly subjected to gossip and speculation.

Noah Lee Ritter Parents

Noah Lee Ritter is the only child of the renowned American actor John Ritter and actress Amy Yasbeck. 

However, Noah’s family couldn’t expand further due to the untimely passing of his father, John, from aortic when he was just five years old. Tragically, this incident occurred on Noah’s birthday, 6 days before John’s birthday.

During a rehearsal on the set of “8 easy Rules for Dating My Teen Daughter,” John began experiencing heart-related complications. 

Subsequently, he was rushed to the hospital and promptly underwent surgery. Unfortunately, despite efforts, the actor couldn’t survive and passed away.

In 2008, John’s family accused a lawsuit for the hospital that provided treatment to John Ritter before his demise. 

Celebrating John Ritter’s Legacy: The John Ritter Foundation and Research Program

After John Ritter’s passing, Amy Yasbeck took the initiative to establish “The John Foundation” to raise awareness about the disease. The foundation actively engages in education, research, and support.

It further introduced “the Ritter Rules” to aid in symptom recognition and prevention. The”John Ritter Research Program” was also released with the Texas Health Universit Center at Houston.

The Ritter Siblings: Carrying on the Family Legacy in Entertainment

Stella (Noah)’s dad, John, was married to American actress Nancy Morgan for nearly two decades. During their marriage, they welcomed three children.

As a result, Stella (Noah) has a step-sister called Carly and two half-brothers, Jason and Tyler Ritter. All of his siblings have successfully pursued professions in the industry.

Inspired by her grandfather’s musical legacy, Carly Ritter grew up amidst her family’s status and to music. She later embarked on her music career. 

While attending Vassar College in NY, she made a passion for Scottish music. Carly enjoys exploring her American roots with lyrics and rhymes.

Tyler Ritter, inspired by his parents, embarked on an acting career. He faced some challenges along the way, taking on roles for many years. 

Eventually, his perseverance paid off, and he gained recognition through appearances in famous series and movies including “Hot in Cleveland,” “Arrow,” and “The McCarthys.”

In contrast, Jason Ritter has achieved notable success, establishing himself as a talented actor in Hollywood. He has made a mark in television with prominent roles in dramas such as “The Class” and “Parenthood.”

Additionally, Jason has showcased his talent on the large screen, starring in films such as “Raise Your Voice,” “Frozen II,” and “Freddy vs. Jason.”

Noah Lee Ritter Career Highlights

Stella (Noah) Ritter inherited the family’s acting skills and carried forward the entertainment legacy. He made a notable impact in the world of acting, commencing his career at 9 in 2007.

He made a significant entry into the big screen with a short role, but it was his profession as a child celebrity that captured the spotlight. He garnered attention for his famous roles in films including The Namazu, This Is My Friend, and Hannah Lost Her Smile.

Noah Lee Ritter: Embracing a New Identity and Living as a Man

On his eighteenth birthday in 2016 of September, Stella (Noah) courageously embarked on a journey of self-discovery, undergoing a gender transition while still in school. 

Undergoing hormone therapy, he witnessed the transformation firsthand as hair began to grow, reflecting his desired masculine appearance. With unwavering determination, Stella fully embraced his new identity as Noah Lee Ritter.

Supported by his mom and siblings, Noah embarked on this life-altering path, captivating the attention of the world. The transition sparked curiosity and concern, leaving many curious about his reasons for leaving behind his former identity and embracing a new gender.

While a close family friend shared the news, Noah gracefully avoided unnecessary media attention and remained unaffected by the ensuing commotion.

Noah Lee Ritter Relationship Highlights

Fans eagerly seek information about Noah’s relationship status. The talented actor is currently believed to be single, with no rumours or disclosed information about any recent romantic involvements.

Unravelling the details of Noah’s dating history or finding information about his lover proves to be a challenging endeavor. The media offers little insight into Stella (Noah) Ritter’s romantic connections.

It is apparent that the actor is not romantically involved with anyone, suggesting a dedication to career and personal development.

What Is Noah Lee Ritter Net Worth In 2023? 

Noah (formerly known as Stella) experienced success as a child star. In 2023, his calculated worth stands at approximately $5 million.

His father, the late John Ritter, left behind a significant net worth of $20 million at the time of his passing. The family also acquired $14M from various accommodations.

Noah’s mom, Amy, enjoys a net worth of $16 million. Additionally, she possesses a lavish mansion in Beverly at approximately $6.5 million.

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