Who Is Cleive Ester Adams? All About Sonya Curry’s Father

Cleive Ester Adams is not a household name, but his family is famous in the world of sports. He is the grandfather of the renowned Stephen Curry, an American professional basketball player. Let’s take a closer look at the man behind the Curry legacy.

The Enigmatic Cleive Ester Adams

Cleive Ester Adams keeps a low profile, and there isn’t much publicly available information about him. Born in the United States, his date of birth remains a mystery. Cleive’s life has been mostly shrouded in secrecy, but his impact on the world of sports is undeniable.

Cleive Ester Adams’ Family

Cleive Ester Adams is the husband of Candy Adams, who was born and raised in Haiti. She is known for being the mother of three successful children. The couple first met during their college years, but details of their initial meeting remain undisclosed.

The Curry Children

Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams are proud parents of three children. Their eldest child, Sonya Alicia Curry, is a well-known American educator. She is also the wife of Dell Curry, a retired NBA player. Sonya and Dell Curry have three children, including Stephen Curry, who has become one of the most celebrated figures in the NBA.

Cleive’s second child, Cleive Adams Junior, chose a different path and works as a football head coach for the Averett University team. Their third child, India Adams, prefers to stay out of the limelight.

The Curry Legacy

The most prominent members of Cleive’s family are undoubtedly his grandchildren. Stephen Curry, his oldest grandson, is a household name in the basketball world. He plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA and is celebrated for his exceptional skills and shooting ability.

Another grandchild, Seth Curry, has also made a name for himself in professional basketball. He plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and previously played for the Duke Blue Devils during his college years.

Cleive’s third grandchild, Sydel Alicia Curry-Lee, made a mark in college sports as a former college volleyball player for the Elon Phoenix women’s volleyball team.

Cleive Ester Adams’ Legacy

Cleive Ester Adams has largely remained out of the public eye, and little is known about his professional life or financial status. However, his legacy is reflected in the success of his family members, who have achieved great heights in the world of sports and education.

While Cleive Ester Adams may not be a household name, his impact on the sports world is undeniable. His family’s success and achievements stand as a testament to the influence of a supportive and encouraging family environment.

Cleive Ester Adams has chosen a life away from the limelight, and it’s clear that his family’s achievements are a source of pride. Though he may not be in the spotlight, his legacy lives on through the accomplishments of his children and grandchildren.

In conclusion, Cleive Ester Adams may be an enigmatic figure, but his family’s success and the Curry legacy in the world of sports speak volumes about the values and support that have been passed down through the generations.