Who Is Cathy Goodman, Tony Hawk’s Second Wife?

Cathy Goodman is a famous artist based in London, United Kingdom. Not just that she is also a producer of films. But if you ask me why she is famous? Then the answer would be summed up in one line she is more famous for being the celebrity wife of Tony Hawk.

Now some of you would probably ask who is Tony Hawk. I will definitely provide you with details of Tony hawk later in the article. But for now, to settle down your curies Tony Hawk is a known skateboarder and second husband of Catherine Goodman.

Second Husband???  I know this will raise a lot more questions in your minds. But to have the answers to all of your questions I will recommend you to read the full article.

How was Cathy Goodman’s early life? How does she decide to become an artist? What about her family and children? All these questions and many more things about Catherine Goodman that most of you would not be aware of are mentioned here.

First thing comes first so let us start with Cathy Goodman’s early life.

Cathy Goodman’s Early Life and Education

Cathy Anne Goodman is her full name. She was born in the United Kingdom on the 14th of May 1961. For her early education, she was admitted to a local school in London. For further studies, she got enrolled at Queen’s College, London, from 1972 to 1979.

Cathy Goodman was blessed with a creative mind. She was always been interested in creative fields like art, craft, and design. So, giving priority to her interest she pursued her studies in the field of arts.

In this regard, Cathy Goodman studied at Camber well School of Arts and Crafts, London, from 1979 to 1984, and Royal Academy Schools, London, from 1984 to 1987.

Her Family Members and Childhood

Cathy Goodman’s family is based in the United Kingdom. Her beautiful family comprises her parents and two siblings. Her mother’s name is Cathy Bennett Shook, while her father’s name is yet unknown.

Her family and close friends use to call her by the sweet nickname Cathy. She is the only sister of her two brothers. The names of her brothers are David and Michael.

She spent a beautiful childhood in the United Kingdom with her parents and two brothers.

Profession and Achievements

As I have mentioned above Cathy Goodman has been blessed with a creative personality so, she chose a profession that belongs to the arts. She is a professional artist in London.

Her art studio or gallery is primarily based in London, but she also owns a studio in Somerset. Due to her excellent work, she won a Gold Medal in the year 1987. 

Art is such a field where you learn on a regular basis. So, for mastering the technicalities of this field she got training from London’s Camber well School of Arts & Crafts and Royal Academy School.

During the process of drawing, she mainly gains inspiration from life, things surrounding her, and classic works done by previous artists.

As By Fashionuer, she is a skillful artist and has a great command in her field. That’s why she has won many prizes, awards, and medals. Following are some of her achievements:

  • In 2002, she won first prize in the annual portraiture competition held at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England.
  • The National Portrait Gallery of London also has her painting in its collection.
  • In 2004, she began exhibiting at Marlborough Fine Art, where she is represented.
  • She has her paintings represented in several private and public exhibitions and collections like the last house in the world at Marlborough Fine Art London in 2016, portraits from life at the National Portrait Gallery in 2014, and in Somerset at Hauser & Wirth in 2019.
  • She conducted her private exhibition; the light gets in, at Marlborough Gallery in New York.

Being an artist, she was keen on the development, growth, and education of the students or practitioners of this field.

In this regard, she is currently playing her role as the director of Founding Artistic. Moreover, since 2014 she has also been an Academic Board member.

Her Married Life and Relationships

Cathy Goodman initially was married to Matt Goodman. The couple spent quite a long time together and also had children. Cathy Goodman has two kids, Miles Goodman and Calvin Goodman, with Matt Goodman.

But due to certain unknown and unreasonable issues that developed between them, they decided to part ways in 2010.

In 2011 she started dating Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk as I have mentioned earlier in the article is quite a famous personality and is known by his nickname Birdman.

Here I would also like to mention how T. Hawk and Cathy Goodman met. So, basically, Tony Hawk is the friend of Cathy Goodman’s first husband, Matt Goodman.

Cathy Goodman is not the first wife of T. Hawk. Before marrying Cathy he was married three times. He also has children from his previous marriages.

Till now, the couple (Cathy Goodman and Matt Goodman) have no child together, but they are co-parenting their children from previous marriages.

Her Body Measurements and Appearance

Cathy Goodman is a very beautiful woman with quite balanced body features and figure. Although she is in her 60s, still looks young and refreshing. One of the main factors of her beauty is her ideal and maintaining a weight of about 56 kg.

Her height is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches. She has smooth and silky hair. Moreover, her enticing blond hair color makes her overall look more appealing. Her God-gifted blue eyes also add glamour to her beautiful appearance.

Cathy Goodman’s Net worth

Being a professional artist Cathy Goodman has reasonable earnings. Being a successful artist she has won numerous awards and medals. Besides that, she is also a producer, which ensures that she earns well.

Cathy Goodman has never officially revealed her wealth or assets. But looking at her high standards and luxury life, it is estimated that her net worth is USD 140 Million.

Her Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion

Cathy Goodman was born in London, United Kingdom. She, with her family, has also spent her life in the United Kingdom. So, she is a British National. Her ethnicity is white. The whole family of Cathy Goodman follows Christianity.

Her Current Residence

Cathy Goodman was born in London, United Kingdom. She has spent most of her life in the United Kingdom. Currently, Cathy Goodman is living in San Diego, California, United States of America.

Currently with her husband, Tony Hawk, and their children from previous marriages she is living a happy family life.

Her Social Media Life

Sometimes it is not easy to be a fan of such celebrities who do not remain in touch with their fans. But it is not the case if you are Cathy Goodman’s fan.

 It is quite pleasing for the fans of Cathy Goodman that she is very much active on social media platforms. She and her husband, Tony Hawks, often share their sweet images and pictures on social media.

Generally, the stuff that she uses to post on social media is about her artwork or family pictures. They believe in sharing their personal life and cute moments with their fans.

Zodiac Sign of Cathy Goodman

Cathy Goodman was born on 14th May 1961. This shows that her zodiac sign is Taurus. As most of you would know that Taurus is an Earth sign.

The class of People belonging to Taurus is mostly intelligent, dependable, hardworking, dedicated, and stubborn.

 If not all of them, most of these characteristics are present in Cathy Goodman. As she is quite intelligent and hardworking, which is represented through her artistic work. Her achievements also show that she is very much dedicated to her work.

Recent Controversy

There are no such controversies or defaming incidents related to Cathy Goodman. But a recent incident put the Couple (Cathy Goodman and Tony Hawk) into the limelight. The incident took place at the Academy Awards 2022. C.

 Goodman was wearing heels as celebrities do in such functions. While walking at the event, she lost her balance due to her high heels and faced a slipping-like situation. Her husband, T. Hawk, seeing this ran towards her to save her from falling and also fixed her heels.

This incident diverted the attention towards the couple in quite a good way of course. Afterwards, people also start searching for this couple to learn more about their personal life.

Recent Projects of Cathy Goodman

I have mentioned quite a few times early in the article that Cathy Goodman is a very fine artist and has won many awards in her field. Their portraits and artistic work done by her have been exhibited in many official and private exhibitions.

 Her work is strong evidence that she has a strong command of skills in this particular field. This is shown in one of her recent artwork given below.

Some Surprising Facts about Cathy Goodman

There are certain facts related to Cathy Goodman that would surprise you. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Her second marriage is with one of her first husband’s close friends, Tony Hawk.
  • Cathy kept the sir name of her ex-husband, Goodman, despite her separation from him.
  • She likes travelling and capturing beautiful moments.
  • Cathy with her husband, Tony Hawk, is very much active on social media. They share pictures on social media platforms for their fans.
  • Cathy Goodman, due to her amazing artwork, also won the Royal Academy gold medal in 1987.

Some FAQs about Cathy Goodman

Some people are inquisitive about Cathy Goodman’s life and ask various questions related to her personal and professional life. Here I have mentioned answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Cathy Goodman.

Is Cathy Goodman still married to Matt Goodman?

The simple answer to this question is no. Cathy’s first marriage was with Matt Goodman. Their relationship lasted for about 20 years. After that, they parted ways in 2010. Now, Cathy and Matt Goodman are no more life partners.

Who is Cathy Goodman’s husband currently?

Currently, Cathy Goodman is married to Tony Hawk, who is a famous skateboarder in the world. Cathy Goodman married Tony Hawk in 2015. The couple is enjoying six good years of married life. They are living a happy life together and are also seen at various events.

Did Cathy Goodman marry her ex-husband’s friend?

 Yes, this is true. In 2010 Cathy Goodman and Matt Goodman got separated due to some unknown reasons. After that, in 2011, Cathy Goodman started dating one of her ex-husband’s friends, Tony Hawk. Having been in a relationship for four years, they married in 2015.

When did Cathy Goodman win a Gold medal?

Cathy Goodman is a professional artist. Due to her amazing work, she has won many awards and medals. In 1987 she won the Royal Academy Gold medal for her exceptional artwork.