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Who Is Zendaya’s Stepbrother, Austin Stoermer Coleman?

Who Is Zendaya’s Stepbrother, Austin Stoermer Coleman?

Austin Stoermer Coleman

The young boy Austin Stoermer Coleman is famous for being the step-brother of the Hollywood singer and actress Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. Zendaya and her brother are like best buddies and are often seen together.

She is a famous personality, so she is definitely a hard-working lady and has worked on several projects, including “Spiderman: Homecoming”, “Malcolm and Marie”, and many others. Even after being a stepsister, she does not enjoy the perks of being famous alone.

Zendaya is a new sensation in the Hollywood industry. She never fails to impress her fans and keeps them curious about her family. Due to this, the media is always searching for a sneak peek from the Colemans. 

Austin is her half-brother, but they share the same father. He was an ordinary person, but his famous stepsister made him an interesting topic.

Austin’s Early Life

Young Coleman is a 23 years old boy. He was born on the 15th day of June 1999. He’s a Gemini and was raised in Oakland, California. His father is a gym trainer Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Austin spent his childhood without his real mother because she left the world when he was just a little kid.

He’s a Christian by religion and has a mixed ethnicity of African-American, German, and Scottish. The young boy owns American nationality. 

He is a boy of an intelligent era and seems to be an educated and intelligent man. The young boy was only 8 when his father brought him a stepmom. After then he was brought up by his former stepmom Claire Stoermer. 

It’s hard to believe, but she was not as cruel as cinderella’s stepmom. Rather she was a loving lady who loved her husband and his kids.

His Parents

His father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, is around 62, and his stepmom Claire Stoermer is 58. The couple got married after having a long love affair and being parents to a girl. As by Fashionuer, they got married in 2008 but got divorced in 2016. They never discuss the reason for their separation on the media platform.

Father Kazembe has always guided his children. He is an African-American-rooted Arkansasian. Whereas his stepmom Claire is of German and Scottish descent.

After reconciling with his Nigerian heritage, his father changed his name from Samuel David Coleman to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. And he became a gym Trainer and a Bodyguard by profession.

His former stepmom Claire was a teacher but is currently busy running her hand-crafted jewelry line, named Kizzmet Jewellery. Austin’s biological mother died, and her name is never mentioned in the media. Austin lives in a big family of eight, with his siblings, his mother, and his father.

Why is Austin a Stoermer?

People often question Austin being a Stoermer. Claire Stoermer is Austin’s former stepmom, then why do all the siblings carry Stoermer with their names? Well, it is because all the kids were raised by their former stepmom. Therefore they had the surname of Claire Stoermer.    

Austin is Often Confused With BMX Rider Austin Daniel Coleman

People ignore their middle names and assume Austin and Austin to be the same personalities.

Austin Stoermer Coleman is the famous actress Zendaya’s stepbrother and is suspected to be the next actor or singer.

Whereas Austin Daniel Coleman is a Rider who has won a bronze award in X Games Asia, 2010. He has also co-hosted a series of “First Home Fix.”

Austin is also confused with Zendaya’s assistant Darnell Appling. This confusion was so hyped that even Darnell wished Zendaya on her birthday, saying,

Your brother Austin Darnell.

The credit for all these confusions is on Austin’s secret and hidden life.

His Appearance

Austin is a tall young man, with a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He weighs around 77 kg and has an athletic, muscular body.

He waves his jet-black hair and rolls his sparkling dark brown eyes. Being a handsome young man, he is still single. His father is a gym trainer, so it’s obvious for him to have a muscular body.

His Adopted Sister, Zendaya 

The rumors were spreading that Austin’s Sister Zendaya was adopted because of her facial features, as they were different from all the other Coleman sisters.

The reason for her having different facial features is her mother. Claire Stoermer is a white woman of German ancestry. She is a beautiful lady with appealing features, and Zendaya has borrowed looks from her mother. 

Therefore, Zendaya is not Austin’s biological sister, but she is also not adopted. All her siblings are biologically related to each other, and only Zendi is Claire Stoermer’s daughter.

His Siblings

Austin was brought up with his five siblings. Zendaya Stoermer, Katianna Stoermer, Annabella Stoermer, Kylee Stoermer, and Julien Stoermer Coleman. Julien is the oldest among all the siblings and is a famous American singer. He is known for being the brother of the famous Zendaya.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman is not a social media person and avoids the limelight. She is Austin’s biological sister and Zendaya’s stepsister.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is also his biological sister. It is said that she was born in the year 1999 in Oakland. All her information is also kept confidential.

Kylee Stoermer Coleman’s information is kept a secret. She is the youngest of the Colemans. The little girl was once seen with her sister Zendaya at Michael Jackson’s Scream Album.

All the Colemans lived under the same roof with love and respect. They support each other on their hard days and are each other’s support system. Austin has a good relationship with his family.

His sister Zendaya said about her mother,

My mom went above and beyond working constantly to open her students’ eyes to an education that could lift them far beyond their current circumstances.

Recent News About His Sister

Zendaya never opens up about her family. She is on the news for her secrecy when it comes to her family.

His sister Zendaya was spotted with her mother attending the US Open and the media became kind of stunned to see her mommy. And people who weren’t aware of the parentage of the Spiderman actress were shocked to see her biological mother.

Zendaya’s fans seemed very curious and wanted to know more about Zendaya’s family. Every person at the event had hundreds of questions in their eyes. Most of their questions remained there, as she only answered a few of them.

Austin’s Instagram account

Austin Stoermer is a very privacy-loving person like her sister. Even after being the famous actress Zendaya’s brother, he keeps his information a secret.

His Instagram account is also not available to the public. He is also not seen anywhere on social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. But his sister Zendaya has a huge fan following, more than 144 million.

His Bond with Sister Zendaya

Spider-Man’s MJ is his half-sister, but they are closer than his biological siblings. Zendaya Maree Stoermer was born on 1st September 1996. She is Austin’s Father and Claire Stoermer’s daughter. 

Austin is often seen captured with his sister. The Media suspects Zendaya’s mother to be the reason for the separation of Austin’s parents. 

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But the stepsiblings are so close to each other that it seems as if Austin has either forgiven them or has accepted his faith. There are more chances that he might have forgiven them as Claire has been a loving mother to him, hasn’t she?

His Profession

Austin is not seen working in the entertainment industry. But people say that he is Zendaya’s manager. Some say that Austin is a musician and a writer. Some people are spreading rumors that Austin is about to appear in movies. But the Colemans refused to talk about it.

During the early days of his sister Zendi’s career, mommy Claire used to be with them in Oakland, while his father lived with Zendaya in L.A.

His sister is an American actress and singer by profession. She began her career in the year 2011 as a young star. Disney gave her the platform to shine bright, and she did.

Her Disney shows were” Good luck Charlie” and “shake it up.” The show “shake it up” was a turning point for the lady; she played the role of rocky blue.

Currently, she is in the news for her appearance and the “Spiderman; homecoming” as the famous MJ, released in 2021.

Austin’s sister also played the main role of Marrie in the movie “Malcolm and Marrie”, which rocked Netflix.

Austin is proud of her sister, who has won an Emmy Award. She has also worked on Music projects for famous personalities, including Bruno Mars and Beyonce. They shot for “Versace on the floor,” “All night,” “Close up, “My Baby,” and many more.

Time magazine called her the most influential personality. The beauty is currently seen everywhere for her role as Rue Bennett in the series “Euphoria.” Her legendary works include “Space Jam,” “Undercover,” “Smallfoot,” and “The Greatest Showman.”

His Personal Affair

Austin is a decent guy with no scandalous relationships. The handsome boy is young and smart. He is not dating anybody, or he might be – but who knows. Just like his other information, this is also kept secret.

Well, his sister Zendaya is also a private person and never answers questions about her relationships.  The media suspects her of being romantically linked with Tom Holland and Jacob Elordi, but she refused to talk about her personal life.

His Net Worth

How is it possible to know the net worth of a person whose career is unknown?

But, it is the fact that everybody owns some net worth. Austin is a smartie, he can’t just sit idle as he knows the importance of money.

His net worth is estimated to be more than $0.9 million. After all, his sister is a popular star and owns a $20 million net worth. Colemans enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life and live a life everybody wishes for.

Final Words

One of the two stepbrothers of the famous Zendaya doesn’t like media peeking into his life.

His father already had Zendaya before separating from Austin’s Mother.

Zendaya’s mother waited for quite a long time to marry Kazembe, Austin’s father, but lived together for only eight years.

Nobody can be sure of it, but it seems as if Austin doesn’t have a normal relationship with his dad. After all, he cheated on his mother. Maybe because of this conspiracy, Colemans keep their family away from the limelight.

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