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Who Is Ashton Meem and Why She Got Divorce From NFL Star Russell Wilson?

Who Is Ashton Meem and Why She Got Divorce From NFL Star Russell Wilson?

Ashton Meem

Most people get married with the extreme power of love, but after some years of togetherness, the couples file for divorce. 

The same story we proceed to talk about in this article. 

A famous couple, Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson, decided not to live together anymore and divorced in April 2014.

However, some rumors related to their divorce were that Ashton Meem cheated on her husband and had an affair with Teammate Golden Tate. 

And it might be the big reason behind their divorce. 

Ashton Meem Early Life

Ashton was born in 1987 on 6th September. Her birthplace is the USA, Richmond, Virginia. According to sources and research, Ashton didn’t mention any information about her childhood.

She has kept a lot of secrets about her early life, her parents, and whether Ashton has siblings or not. 

Ashton Meem spent her school life at St. Catherine’s High School. It was the same school where Russell Wilson studied. 

After the first meeting between Ashton and Russell, he left the school because Russell got admission to Collegiate School. 

After passing Matriculation, Ashton Meem got admission to the university in Georgia, but after some time, she got transferred to North California State. 

According to reports, she transferred because Ashton wanted to be near Russell Wilson, her future husband. 

Finally, in 2010, Ashton Meem became a graduate. She achieved a BA degree in Communication. 

Ashton’s nationality is American. The Zodiac sign of Ashton is Virgo. She is 31 and 11 months years old. 

Her Professional Career

As by Fashionuer, the businesswoman graduated with Bs in Communication degree and joined the advertising industry. 

However, after graduating from college, the smart lady worked as an intern at Lewis Media Partners and McKinney. 

After so many experiences, in 2011, the ex-wife of the star player joined her first job at Richmond-based Morton Consulting as a senior account executive. 

She worked in Richmond-based Morton Consulting for some years. After that, she got a new job in the American Family Insurance Company. 

Meem’s Physical Appearance

She is such an adorable lady as her skin tone is white. She is slim, with a waist-heap-breast 25-36-35. The gorgeous woman has a height of around 5 feet and 11 Inches. 

The body weight of this Business Woman is about 53 kg, and in pounds, it is about 116 lbs. She has colored Brown eyes. Ashton Meem‘s hair color is Blonde.

The smarty figure of Ashton is highlighted in paparazzi pictures and her social media posts. 

Her Family Members

Ashton’s mother’s name is Molly Meem, and her father’s name is Lang Meem. However, there is no information about her siblings, whether she has or not. 

Ashton Meem is famous because of her ex-husband, Russell Wilson. She got more fame when she married the star player. 

She was married to Russell Wilson in 2014 on the 14th of January. The married life of Ashton ended after two years of togetherness with her ex-husband, Russell. However, they don’t have any kids. 

Her Net Worth

In 2022 Ashton contains an enormous net worth of $4 Million. This amount is mainly received through her divorce from her ex-husband, the NFL star player Russell Wilson.

However, Ashton got a huge part of her good luck as an agreement from her divorce from the star player. She also owned some of her business ventures.

In addition, her ex-husband contains an incredible net worth of $165 Million. However, the divorce agreement with Ashton did not hurt the star player much. 

Further, the 33-year-old man signed a 140 Million Dollar contract for four years with the Seattle Seahawks in 2019.

Russell Wilson celebrated this contract happiness with his current wife Ciara and shared a short clip with his wife in bed. The clip did not show much to go viral.

Love Life Of The Famous Ex-couple, Ashton Meem And Russell Wilson

They both meet for the first time in S.t Catherine’s High school. Ashton and Russell were introduced as teenagers.

Their enduring love started when Ashton Meem was admitted to Russell University, which was situated in North California State. 

After some time, Ashton left the university of Georgia but continued the relationship with Russell Wilson, which was called the long-distance relationship. 

When Ashton Meem completed her degree of BA in communication, she and Russell decided to get engaged and tie the strong knot. 

The businesswoman Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson got engaged in August 2010. 

Their Married Life

The famous Business Woman and the star player got married in 2012. In addition, the same year Russell, the star player, got drafted into the NFL.

The wedding date of Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson was the 14th of January 2012. The famous ex-couple wedding was held in the Country Club of Virginia.

After two months, the star player was elected in the 2nd round of the draft. During the 2nd draft, his ex-wife Ashton Meem was with Russell; the ex-couple became the town’s gossip! They both looked happy with each other at that time. 

Reasons Behind Their Divorce

When the marriage life of Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem became official, and the star player’s career started, people got curious to know about their relationship. 

However, under too much pressure, the ex-couple could not hide their relationship from the public.

Unfortunately, the married life of the famous couple could not stay long. And they got divorced in April 2014. They don’t even have any kids. 

However, the official reason behind her divorce from Russell was Ashton’s affair with Russell’s’s Friend, Teammate Golden Tate. 

But both Ashton Meem and Teammate Golden Tate denied all the allegations of their affair. However, Russell Wilson moved on in his life after divorcing Ashton, and he married R & B singer Ciara. 

The Statement Of Ex-Husband Of Ashton

Unfortunately, the life of the Seattle Seahawks player and a famous Business Woman, Ashton Meem, is not going well as seen on social media. Both people announced that they would separate their paths.

The ex-husband of Ashton Meem appeared in a statement through “The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta” he said in the statement that, 

“The decision to file for divorce is the toughest decision that I have ever taken. It’s understandable that these kinds of decisions are not easy to make. During this hard time, Me and Ashton Meem just simply asked for privacy, prayers and understanding from all of you. I just want to move on, and I don’t want to discuss more on this topic”. 

The Reaction Of Teammate Golden Tate On The Rumours Of His Affair With Ashton Meem

Teammate Golden Tate rejected all the allegations about having an affair with the famous businesswoman. He reacted to the contention. Tate wrote a lengthy description published in The Cauldron. He wrote that, 

“The ex-wife of Russell Wilson, and my girlfriend are best friends, and Me and Ashton did not have any relationship. There was no concern of mine from their divorce. These allegations are laughable for those who know us better. Me and Russell Wilson were best friends at that time when I was present in Seattle, on and off the field. Russell surely understands that these allegations are useless and he knows that these allegations destroy my reputation, and are just a direct attack on my character. Those people who are spreading these fake allegations were just plain irresponsible”. 

He also posted on Twitter by saying, 

“Those bloggers or Writers who spread this fake news should immediately cut it out.” 

Is The Business Woman Married Now? 

After the divorce between Ashton and Russell Wilson, the BusinessWoman remained single and just focused on her career. 

However, the star player enjoys his life with the singer Ciara since Ashton Meem is taking a distance from the internet at the moment. 

After the divorce with Seahawks quarterback, Meem stayed quiet about the reason for separation. But according to reports, Ashton is not in any relationship, and she is not dating someone. 

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Ashton Meem is not like those ex-wives who struggle to compare the fame of their soulmates. The smart lady prefers staying out of this spotlight. 

The Second Engagement Of Meem’s Ex-Husband With Ciara 

After two years of their divorce, Ashton Meem’s ex-husband proposed to the R&B singer Ciara, giving her a 5-Carat engagement ring. 

Russell proposed Ciara on the 11th of March 2016. The star player proposed to her during the vacation in Seychelles. 

However, the Seahawks quarterback shined as Ciara said yes to him. He posted on Instagram about his engagement with Ciara by captioning, “She Said Yes.’’

David Haris, the famous jeweler, stated that her diamond ring of Ciara has better quality than Ashton Meem’s ring. He also said that Ciara’s engagement ring would cost $2 to 2.5 Million. 

But before getting married, Russell Wilson and Ciara had to deal with the singer’s ex-fiance. As stated by TMZ, her ex-fiance might kill Russell in the future. 

But Ciara, the famous American singer, arranged the legal documents against her ex-fiance, the rapper. 

She also mentioned the warnings in the rapper’s document to Russell Wilson. 

Ciara believed that her ex-fiance’s Instagram post, which was targeting the football emoji with a gun emoji, was a threat to the star player. 

The rapper also posted his lyrics from the song “Juice.”

“Tryna f-my baby mama, dog, what’s up with you? Are you gon’ make me get that heat? I’m pulling up on you.” 

Russell Wilson’s Second Marriage With Ciara

The ex-husband of Ashton Meem and the singer Ciara got married in England, Cheshire, at Peckforton Castle, on 6th July 2016. 

They have a daughter whose name is Sienna Princess. Russell and Ciara also Co-parented Future Zahir with their birth daughter. 

In addition, the Seahawks quarterback decided to hide personal relationships from the media.

Meem’s Ex-Husband Kids

After the wedding of Ciara and Russell Wilson, the couple revealed the American singer’s Pregnancy on the 25th of October 2016. 

After nine months of pregnancy, on the 29th of April 2017, Ciara and Russell Wilson welcomed their first child who’s a baby girl. The name of their daughter is Sienna Princess. 

After two years of togetherness, the couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary, in which the star player showed that he wants more kids. 

After some years, on 14th April 2020, the cutest couple, an American singer and Star player, announced their second child and revealed the baby’s gender on social media. 

On 23rd July 2020, Ciara and Russell Wilson welcomed their baby boy into this world and named him Win Harrison Wilson.

When Win Harrison Wilson came into his parent’s life, he was added as the second baby in the family. But unfortunately, he is the third baby for mother Ciara. 

After one year of Win Harrison Wilson’s birth, the mother celebrated his 1st birthday by captioning, 

“Win you are the sweetest and cutest baby boy! Always smiling, laughing, and dancing all over the place! I’m so happy and grateful to celebrate your 1st birthday today! The world’s going to have to keep you! I love you so much my little prince, Happy Birthday Win! My Life”. 

Ashton Meem Social Media Accounts

Ashton is usually active on her Instagram account and has around 17.3k Followers. She randomly posts about her life these days. She uses her Instagram account with the username of @1ashtonwilson. Ashton still refers to herself as Ashton Wilson. 

Since her Twitter social account is private, she has not been active since 2017. She kept her profile Low after the divorce. 

Her LinkedIn profile shows us that she is currently working with an advertisement company in northern California for an insurance firm in Raleigh. 

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