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Who Is Ashley Tervort? How This Young 23-Year-Old Lady Became A Sensational Celebrity?

Who Is Ashley Tervort? How This Young 23-Year-Old Lady Became A Sensational Celebrity?

Ashley Tervort

Ashley Tervort is a fashion model in the Hollywood industry and a social media celebrity with millions of YouTube subscribers. 

After posting hot and bold pictures of herself on social media accounts, she stirred among her fans. 

This article will tell you every detail about the famous American Model Ashley Tervort including her early life, age, date of birth, qualification, relationship status, net worth, social media accounts, hobbies, interests, and more. 

So let’s get started!

Early Stages Of Ashley’s Life

The famous model Ashley Tervort was born on 10th August 1999, in a small town in Rural Utah, United States of America.

Tervort was a student in elementary school for “Catholics” and completed her studies at “South Sevier High School”  near her hometown, Utah. 

Then for Higher studies, she moved to Spain in 2017 to learn Spanish from the “Luis Vives Institute.” Ashley also taught English to two Spanish girls in Spain. 

Ashley Tervort intends to complete her academic career in medicine. However, she continued her studies and became an accredited “Neurosurgeon.” 

After completing her studies, Ashley shifted to Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, with her family; it became a lucky place where she offered to work as a model.

According to Ashley’s ethnicity and nationality, the model has been identified as an American; her Zodiac sign is “Leo” and her nickname is “Ash.”

Ash belongs to a middle-class Christian family. As of 2022, she is 23 years old and currently living in Los Angeles with her family. 

Ashley did a lot of hard work to become a successful model. From the early stage of her life, Ash wanted to be a model and a Neurologist. Because of her less work with brands, we think she ended up in the modeling field. 

Nowadays, Ashley Tervort is trying to make herself a better person. To know more about Ashley, keep reading.

Her Family Members

In a YouTube video, Ashley spoke up about her parents and revealed the heartbreaking stories of the death of her family members. Ashley was born into an ethnically white Caucasian family, as she is a Christian by faith. 

According to the reports, she has two siblings, one brother, and one sister. However, her brother was older than her. Sadly, in a video, she told her fans that her brother committed suicide at a very young age when Ash was 16. 

Ash is the youngest of her two other siblings. She also told her fans in a YouTube video that after her brother committed suicide, her mother started facing mental illness. 

Her mother struggled with depression, which eventually made her mother commit suicide, and she took her own life. 

In a YouTube video, Ashley also said that,

When I(Ashley) was just 16, my brother committed suicide, and my mother also took her own life last year.

Ash was traumatized by the death of her mother and brother, but she was a brave girl who overcame sorrow and went on with her journey. 

Ashley’s Height, Body Measurements, And Weight

This social media star looks more attractive because of her killing brown eyes. Ashley is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Her weight is about 121 lbs or 52 kilograms.

Ashley has an ideal figure and her body measurements are 37-25-35, 37 bust size, 25 slim waist size, and 35 hip size. Moreover, her shoe size is 10. 

The beautiful lady has Blonde mahogany brown hair that enhances her beauty and her white skin tone makes her look adorable. 

Ash is such a health-conscious lady and a regular exerciser. That’s the huge reason behind her beautiful physical appearance. She is also very concerned about her diet and prefers eating healthy food. 

The blonde lady also stated that she did her chest augmented, and it’s the only thing new in her physique. 

Is Ashley Tervort Had Suffer From Any Health Issues? 

However, the blonde lady is much more private about her life, but in a YouTube video, Ash declared to her fans that she had suffered from a battle with an eating disorder; she said, 

When I(Ashley) was 13 or 14 years old, My first encounter with an eating disorder occurred with anorexia,  bulimia, and orthorexia. It has been a bit cycle between these three disorders. Now I’m 21, and there will be a few years, but I’m not in any of those, and then there will be a time in which all three of them will be as ‘hey, what’s going on?

Ashley Hobbies And Her Interests 

The social media topper likes cooking, shooting videos, photoshoots, make-up, and traveling. Ash loves to spare her time for cooking and can cook many dishes, but her favorite food is Chinese, which she likes to eat daily. 

Ash is a pet lover and has great affection for cats and dogs. On her social media, she keeps sharing pictures with her pet dog showing her love for animals. 

The blonde lady loves to watch “Robert Downey Jr Tom Cruise‘s” acting and likes “Selena Gomez‘s” and “Angelina Jolie” actress dramas. Ashley’s favorite singer is “Jennifer Lopez” and her favorite destination is “London.” 

The blonde lady’s favorite color is “Black and Red.” Ashley’s favorite scent is “Gucci Guilty” and “Calvin Klein’s Euphoria.” Since she loves traveling, however, some of the countries Ashley has visited till now are France, Spain, Portugal, and the Philippines.

Ashley Tervort is very passionate about watching horror films and web assortments. The blonde lady doesn’t like to smoke, but she drinks occasionally. Moreover, Ash is an enthusiastic reader and contains a love for mystery thrillers. 

She is extremely engaged in journalism and writing and has won many awards. Furthermore, Ash practices yoga and goes gymnasium daily, and always engages herself in several physical activities to take care of her health. 

Ashley Tervort Professional Career

After becoming a neurologist, the blonde lady wanted to be a famous model. However, she started her career when she was in Spain, lived for two years there, and worked as a Nanny. 

Ashley Tervort began her modeling career at a very young age. The gorgeous lady also worked with many well-reputed brands including numerous popular fitness magazines and editors. 

She loves to post bold pictures and videos on Instagram and her YouTube channel. However, for some reason, Ashley deleted all her videos from her YouTube channel except two or three main videos. 

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The blonde lady is well-known because of her powerful social media presence; she came into the limelight after posting her hot photos and is considered a top-ranked young model in Hollywood. 

Ash shared beauty, fitness, food, and lifestyle content on YouTube and gained approximately 102k audience. The social media star gained more fame when she started posting her striking and exciting images on Instagram. 

Ashley holds a doctor license and tries to maintain both professions together, but her schedule becomes quite busy as she has to keep her head on straight by giving time to both fields. 

Her Net Worth 

Ashley Tervort contains a net worth of approximately $1.5 Million. We are not ready to make a true statement for the correct normal sum of her net worth.

She makes a massive percentage of her wealth from modeling, endorsements, and membership to the OnlyFans account.

Her Relationship Status 

According to the reports, Ashley Tervort has not been involved in any relationship yet; she is single. However, she may be involved with anyone and might not want to show her relationship with her boyfriend on social media. 

Her Instagram And Other Social Media Accounts

Ashley Tervort contains a numerous following fanbase. She’s well-known for her beauty, smart figure, and sexiest photos on social media. 

Ashley is also recognized as one of the top fashion models on Instagram and Tiktok. In the last few years, Ash Gained 699k followers on her Instagram profile through her dedicated work. 

The blonde lady’s Instagram identity is @ashleytervort. She also has 203k subscribers on her YouTube channel, 25k followers on her Facebook, and more than 68k followers on her Twitter account.

She created her YouTube account on 7th November 2014 and started posting videos on 5th November 2019 with an equivalent identity.

She has uploaded too many clips on her YouTube channel but also deleted some of her vulgar videos from the channel and saved a few videos for the target market to watch. 


Ashley mostly shares her bold pictures on Instagram in bikinis and other beautiful costumes. She also used to post on social media about her daily routine and swimwear. 

However, sometimes, she faced too much criticism for her photos. A person posted a negative comment about her n*pple piercing a few days before. 

But the blonde lady decided not to engage with the person but instead responded with a sarcastic reply. Ashley said, 

“Thanks for your point of view. I’ve been waiting for that all day.”

Ashley Tervort OnlyFans Website 

The blonde lady also made an OnlyFans website for her followers, which might be quite common. Her OnlyFans Website got leaked online; you can check it on Google’s footage. 

Ashley Tervort is productive at, where she provides her distinctive streaming content material, subject to paid people; she only creates this content for them. Ashley Tervort charges $17.99 from one client in a month. 

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