Arielle Grandberry: The Sister of American R&B Singer Omarion

Arielle Grandberry is the sibling of Omarion, a prominent American R&B singer, actor, and dancer renowned as the frontman of the boy band B2K. 

The group rose to fame in the early 2000s, delivering hits like “Gots ta Be,” “Uh Huh,” “Girlfriend,” and the chart-topping “Bump, Bump, Bump.” 

Quick Bio

Full NameArielle Grandberry
Famous AsSister of Omarion
Date of BirthMarch 1990
Age34 years old
Place of BirthUnited States of America
ParentsLeslie Burrell and Trent Grandberry
SiblingsKira Grandberry ,Ukil Grandberry, Tymon Grandberry, O’Ryan Amira Grandberry, Omarion

Who is Arielle Grandberry?

Arielle Grandberry was born in March 1990 in the United States of America. As of 2024, she is 34 years old. 

Who is Arielle Grandberry

Her brother Omarion, on the other hand, was born on November 12, 1984. He is 40 years old as of 2024. His real name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry.

Who are Arielle Grandberry’s Parents?

Arielle’s parents are Trent Grandberry and Leslie Burrell. Trent Grandberry is her father, and Leslie Burrell is her mother. 

They are part of Omarion’s family, as seen in photos shared by the artist, where he stands between his parents and his children, Megaa and A’mei, showcasing a multigenerational bond. 

Her Father: Trent Grandberry 

Trent Grandberry is famous as Omarion’s dad. Omarion is a famous singer, actor, and dancer. 

Trent likes to keep his life private, even though his son is famous. He had Omarion with his girlfriend Leslie when they were young. They also have five other kids. 

Her Father Trent Grandberry 

Trent Grandberry wasn’t always around when Omarion was young, but they’re close now. There is no information about Trent’s professional career, but he became known because of Omarion. 

Trent Grandberry enjoys spending time with his kids and wants to help people overcome mental struggles, as he talks about on his Facebook page. 

Her Mother: Leslie Burrell

Leslie Burrell is the mother of Arielle Grandberry. She was a big part of encouraging Omarion to follow his dreams in entertainment when he was young. 

Her Mother Leslie Burrell

Arielle’s mother was a hairstylist. Leslie also served as Omarion’s stylist during his time with B2K.

She also dabbled in acting, making a brief appearance in the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which depicted her strained relationship with her daughter-in-law, Apryl.

Leslie’s involvement in the show ceased after the season’s reunion special.

Leslie has four sons, including Omarion and O’Ryan, and three daughters. She’s married to Trent Grandberry and helped raise her kids in Inglewood, California.

Leslie welcomed Omarion into the world in November 1984 when she was just 16 years old. 

Education and Profession

Arielle, as a private individual, has chosen to keep his educational background completely confidential. 

Education and Profession

There is no information available about the schools she attended or any academic achievements she may have attained. 

Similarly, she has maintained privacy regarding his profession, refraining from disclosing any details about his work endeavors. 

No sources indicate his career pursuits and Arielle herself has not offered any insights into this aspect of his life.

Arielle Grandberry’s Siblings

Arielle Grandberry, alongside her brother Omarion, shares five other siblings: Kira Grandberry, Ukil Grandberry, Tymon Grandberry, O’Ryan, and Amira Grandberry. 

Omarion was born in November 1984 and O’Ryan in February 1987. The family was completed in 1993 with the birth of Arielle’s youngest sibling, Amira.


Omarion, whose real name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer from Inglewood, California. 


He gained fame as the lead singer of the boy band B2K, known for hits like “Bump, Bump, Bump.” 

After the group disbanded, Omarion pursued a successful solo career, releasing albums like “O” and “21.” 

He has also ventured into acting, appearing in films such as “You Got Served” and TV shows like “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” 

Omarion has received accolades like a BET Award and a Grammy Award nomination. 

Additionally, he has engaged in collaborations with artists like Bow Wow and Chris Brown, contributing to songs like “Let Me Hold You” and “Post to Be.” 

Omarion continues to be active in the music industry, releasing albums like “The Kinection” and participating in events like The Millennium Tour.


O’Ryan, whose full name is O’Ryan Omir Browner-Grandberry, is a talented R&B singer known for his music career and family connections. 

Born on February 12, 1987, O’Ryan is the younger brother of the famous singer Omarion. 


He released a self-titled album in 2004 aimed at a teen pop audience and followed up with the single “America’s Most Wanted” in 2010. 

O’Ryan grew up in a musical family, with his parents being Leslie Burrell and Trent Grandberry. 

He has a daughter named Namiko Love Browner with Jhené Aiko, a well-known singer-songwriter. 

O’Ryan has also been involved in various projects, including appearing in the music video for Jhené Aiko’s song “Spotless Mind” and featuring in the straight-to-DVD movie “Dr. Dolittle 3.” 

Kira Grandberry

Kirra Grandberry is the daughter of Trent Grandberry and Leslie Burrell, making her the sister of Omarion. 

She is part of the Grandberry family, which includes Omarion, O’Ryan, Arielle and other siblings. 

Kirra is a member of this well-known family associated with the entertainment industry, particularly through her brother Omarion’s successful music career.

Ukil Grandberry

Ukil Granberry is known as one of the siblings of Omarion. Ukil Grandberry has not shared any insights into his life.

Information about Ukil Grandberry’s personal and professional life remains undisclosed or unavailable to the public.

Tymon Grandberry

Tymon Grandberry is the brother of the well-known R&B singer Omarion. 

He is part of the Grandberry family, which includes Omarion, O’Ryan, Ukil, Arielle, Kira, and Amira Grandberry. 

Tymon Grandberry is part of this talented family associated with the entertainment industry.

Amira Grandberry

Amira Grandberry is one of Omarion’s siblings. She is part of the Grandberry family, which includes Omarion, O’Ryan, Ukil, Arielle, Kira, and Tymon Grandberry. 

Amira Grandberry

Amira Grandberry’s personal and professional details are not widely known.

She keeps a relatively low profile compared to her more publicly recognized siblings in the entertainment industry.

Arielle Grandberry’s Marital Life

Arielle Grandberry keeps her marital life out of the public eye, but in an Instagram post, she shared her marriage certificate and posted pictures with her lover, wishing her a happy birthday.

According to her post, it appears that they have been together for eight years, enjoying a happy life alongside their dog.

She is very active on Instagram, frequently sharing romantic photos with her partner, eromoman, who also has an Instagram account under the username @eromoman.

While there is speculation that she might be gay, no specific information about her sexual orientation is available.

Social Media Presence

She is quite popular on Instagram, with 14k followers under the username @Ariellesafari.

Arielle Grandberry’s Net Worth

Arielle Grandberry and her lover, eromoman, are the co-founders of “Go Adventure Crew,” according to her Instagram bio and posts

Therefore, there is no verifiable information available regarding her net worth

On the other hand, her brother, Omarion’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million as of 2024. 

His successful career as an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor has contributed to his wealth, 

Where is Arielle Grandberry Now?

Arielle Grandberry, Omarion’s sister, is currently residing at an undisclosed location, and there is limited public information available about her current whereabouts.

She is associated with the Grandberry family, including Kira Grandberry, Tymon Grandberry, and Ukil Grandberry, O’Ryan, and Omarion.