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Amy Ferson: All About First Ex-Wife Of T.J. Holmes

Amy Ferson: All About First Ex-Wife Of T.J. Holmes

Amy Ferson

Amy Ferson is a prominent American journalist and television personality, best known as the former wife of T.J. Holmes, a renowned national television personality. 

Amy Ferson and T.J. Holmes tied the knot in 2007 but unfortunately divorced in the same year. Amy has notably contributed to political discussions as a contributor on CNN.

Quick Stats

NameAmy Ferson
ProfessionAmerican journalist and television personality
Birth year 1977-1978
Birth PlaceLusaka, Zambia
Ex-SpouseT.J. Holmes
DaughterBrianna Holmes 
SonJaiden Holmes
Height5 feet 6 inches (around 1.67 meters)
Weight63 kg
Net Worth$750,000

Amy Ferson Early Life

Amy Ferson, born between 1977-1978, is an esteemed American journalist and political commentator. Originally from Lusaka, Zambia, she was raised in Seattle, Washington, and currently resides in New York. Ferson became the first wife of well-known American journalist T.J. Holmes. 

While information about her early life and education remains largely undisclosed to the public, her contributions to journalism have earned her recognition and respect.

Amy Ferson Age

Amy Ferson, alternatively known as Amy Holmes, is a prominent American journalist and television personality. Born around 1977-1978, she is approximately 44-45 years old. 

Originally from Lusaka, Zambia, Ferson has made a name for herself in the United States through her notable contributions as a TV personality and journalist. Moreover, she is Christian by faith and holds American nationality. 

Amy Ferson Family Members 

There is limited information available about Amy Ferson’s parents. Her father’s name remains unknown, and the available sources do not mention her mother’s details.

Similarly, details about Amy Ferson’s siblings are also scarce. The available information does not provide any specific details about her siblings.

Amy Ferson Husband

Amy Ferson, an American journalist, was previously married to T.J. Holmes. Their marriage lasted until their divorce in 2007. 

T.J. Holmes is a well-known American journalist and television personality who gained recognition at CNN, where he served as an anchor and correspondent for five years before pursuing other opportunities. 

Amy Ferson is also a journalist who has contributed as a conservative commentator at CNN, showcasing her talent and expertise in the media industry.

Amy Ferson and T.J. Holmes have two children: a daughter named Brianna Holmes and a son named Jaiden Holmes. Following their divorce, T.J. Holmes married attorney Marilee Fiebig in March 2010. 

On the other hand, Amy Ferson has chosen not to remarry and has dedicated her focus to her career as a political consultant and journalist.

Amy Ferson Kids

Amy Ferson and T.J. Holmes’ marriage took place in 2007 and resulted in the birth of two children. Their son is named Jaiden Holmes, while their daughter is named Brianna. Unfortunately, not much is known about their two adorable kids. 

Amy Ferson Divorce

Based on the information, it is known that TJ Holmes, a prominent television host, and journalist, ended his marriage with Amy Ferson in 2007. The divorce reportedly incurred substantial expenses, totaling over $100,000. 

As part of the settlement, Holmes retained their residence in Georgia, while Ferson relocated to her home state of Missouri. 

They had two children named Jaiden and Brianna Holmes during their time together. 

Following their divorce, TJ Holmes subsequently married Marilee Fiebig in 2010, and they now have a daughter named Sabine.

Amy Ferson Height And Weight

Regarding her physical attributes, Amy Ferson is approximately 5 feet 6 inches (around 1.67 meters) in height and weighs approximately 63 kg. Her impressive career and dedication to her craft have solidified her reputation in the media industry. Moreover, she has adorable black eyes and black hair. 

Amy Ferson Career Highlights 

Amy Ferson is a prominent journalist and television personality renowned for her role as a political contributor on CNN. 

In addition to her work in the media, she has served as a senior speechwriter and is an accomplished author. 

While there is limited information about her career beyond her tenure at CNN, her contributions to journalism have garnered recognition. 

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Additionally, Amy Ferson made her mark as the host of the show “Way Too Early” on MSNBC, further solidifying her presence in the media industry.

Beyond her journalistic endeavors, Amy Ferson has also ventured into the real estate sector, specializing in high-end homes and property management. Her expertise in this area has permitted her to establish herself as a notable figure.

Amy Ferson Social Media Accounts 

Amy Ferson, also known as Amy Holmes, is an American journalist and media personality who gained prominence as the former wife of journalist T.J. Holmes. 

Throughout her career, she was a political contributor and conservative commentator for CNN, showcasing her expertise and insights. 

Amy Ferson appears not actively engaged on specific social platforms. Her online presence seems limited to occasional posts featuring her family members, indicating a preference for privacy rather than active participation in social media activities.

Amy Ferson Net Worth 2023

According to available sources, it is estimated that Amy Ferson has a net worth of approximately $750,000. As a renowned journalist and television personality, she has built a successful career and enjoys a favorable income from her profession. 


Q: Who is Amy Ferson?

Amy Ferson is a prominent American journalist and television personality known for her work in the media industry.

Q: What is Amy Ferson’s age?

Amy Ferson, also known as Amy Holmes, is approximately 44-45 years old, born around 1977-1978.

Q: What is known about Amy Ferson’s family?

Limited information is available about Amy Ferson’s parents and siblings. Her father’s name is unknown, and details about her mother are not mentioned. However, she has two children named Jaiden Holmes and Brianna Holmes from her previous marriage to T.J. Holmes.

Q: What is Amy Ferson’s career background?

Amy Ferson has worked as a journalist, political contributor, conservative commentator, and host of the show “Way Too Early” on MSNBC. She has also been involved in real estate, specializing in high-end homes and property management.

Q: What is Amy Ferson’s net worth in 2023?

Amy Ferson’s net worth is estimated at approximately $750,000 in 2023. 

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